Android 4.2 system dump confirms multiple user accounts

Good news for people who are using Android powered tablets as a home entertainment system, with more than one member of the family using it to browse the internet, check their emails, and also check out their Facebook and Twitter streams. But what is the good news? Well, the good news is that the new version of Android that is expected to be announced on the 29th of this month will support multiple user accounts a device.

This feature is expected to come on Android 4.2, which is expected to be announced at the upcoming event. And since we are just expecting all these, nothing is for sure. So it would be wrong to get your hopes up. But since the proof for the above mentioned multiple user accounts comes from an Android 4.2 system dump, we can be sure that it is coming with Android 4.2. But we are not sure if it is the Android 4.2 operating system that is being announced at the event next week.

The feature is expected to make use of the lock screen to let different users log on to their accounts on the device. This would be exactly like a computer, and there is no surprise about this, for some reason. And each account will have a password of its own which will help in authenticating the user trying to access an account on an Android device. Phandroid writes:

There are some extra code strings that suggest there are additional features in the settings. One would be allowed to manage accounts (create, delete-modify, etc.) and each account would be labeled with a user name and photo. The code also displays signs of parental control settings, which would be able to be edited to accomodate each account and its user.

There are some changes expected in the Camera and Gallery apps to reflect the skin or the layout of the Google+ social network. But this is to see.

Source: Phandroid