Analyst Reiterates Claims of a Qualcomm Made Chip for the Galaxy S 4


We’ve already heard plenty about Samsung’s Galaxy S IV, ranging from launch dates to rumored specs, the Samsung flagship makes constant appearances in the rumor mill. However, we recently came across one report which suggested that the smartphone might pack a Qualcomm made chipset and not the Exynos 5 Octa as rumored. This was merely a rumor back then and it seems like this rumor is getting more traction now as an analyst has reiterated this claim, adding to Samsung’s alleged woes. The company’s Exynos 5 Octa chip was pretty much a certainty for the smartphone, but the analyst mentions that the chipset is facing some issues with power consumption. Which is why Samsung is believed to be looking towards Qualcomm as the chip supplier for the yet to be announced flagship. What gives weight to this rumor is the fact that we’ve seen plenty of leaked benchmarks of a mystery Samsung device sporting Qualcomm made SoCs, which pretty much appears to be the Galaxy S IV.

An analyst from Piper Jaffray named Gus Richard clearly mentions that Samsung is having trouble getting the Exynos 5 Octa chip onboard the new flagship. This is what he had to say – “We believe Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has slipped and the Galaxy S3 has been in production a quarter longer than expected. We believe the S4 is being delayed primarily due to power issues with the company’s eight-core Exynos Octa […] we believe the company is likely to shift more to external sources. We believe QCOM will pick up more of Samsung’s S4 business.” This is certainly something we didn’t expect, and I’m sure it has taken Samsung by surprise too. However, it’s the onboard customization by Samsung and other software tweaks which should make it stand out from the rest of the competition.

There hasn’t been enough clarity on the matter so far, so it won’t be right for us to jump to conclusions. But there’s not much time left for the rumored March 14 announcement date of the next Samsung flagship. And even if it doesn’t pack the Exynos 5 Octa chip and comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon variant instead, it’s not going to be the end of the world for Samsung. Qualcomm chips are very power efficient and the chip maker has been the go-to choice of several mobile manufacturers today. Google and LG decided to fill in the Snapdragon S4 Pro chip inside the Nexus 4 without making it too much of a battery drainer. Sure it doesn’t pack the best battery out there, but it’s certainly on par with most top tier smartphones.

If Samsung’s troubles are indeed real, it should come as very good news for Qualcomm, which didn’t have good things to say about Samsung’s “octa” core chipset. However, it wouldn’t mind mass producing chips for Samsung devices going into 2013. Another cause for concern is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S III is still in production despite this being the first quarter of 2013. This indicates that there could be a delay in the launch of the next Galaxy flagship, which should be heartbreaking for a few out there. Regardless, we hope Samsung figures out its problems beforehand so as to not wreck its projections for 2013.

Source: Barron’s
Via: Phone Arena