Analalyst: This Generation Of Tablets Not Post-PC Devices

There’s been a lot of talk about the “Post PC” era. Most of the chatter started at Apple. Before his death Apple’s CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, positioned the iPad as “Post PC” devices.

Trusted industry analyst and research firm IDC has said we are not in a “Post PC” era. This statement from IDC comes on the heels of Canalys, another trusted industry research firm, saying that Apple now was the largest PC supplier in the fourth quarter with 17% of the market.

Canalys statement was because Apple had reportedly sold 15 million iPad units in the fourth quarter. That’s definitely an impressive statistic, but according to IDC the iPad and other tablets of this generation are not “Post PC” devices, rather extensions of the PC.

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When talking about Apple’s fourth quarter results and their percentage of the worldwide PC market in the fourth quarter, Canalys CEO Steve Brazier told CNet:

“We’re going through the biggest shift the PC industry has seen in 20 years,”

Brazier went on to say that Amazon’s Kindle Fire could become the next giant device in just a few year.  Amazon has shipped nearly 5 million tablets since it’s fourth quarter release.

IDC’s Vice President Clients and Displays at IDC, Bob O’Donnell,  disputes that we are in a “Post PC” era, rather we are in a “PC Plus” era.

 “With all due respect to Mr. Jobs, we’re not in the Post-PC era. We’re in what I call the PC-plus era. People owning PCs plus other devices,” O’Donnell told CNet.

O’Donnell went on to say that basically tablets, in their current form, aren’t stand alone, PC replaceable devices. He said that keyboards are very important and that their are still functions you can’t do on a tablet that you can do on a PC.  Tablets are complimentary to PC’s not replacements for them. To expand on this idea O’Donnell gave this example about Adobe’s new Touch apps:

“One example is Adobe and their touch apps. They are designed specifically for tablets. They’re not meant to be a replacement for Adobe’s desktop apps, they’re meant to be complementary.”

O’Donnell suggests that apps like the Adobe touch suite, are designed to either sketch out basic ideas and move them to a more powerful PC or create the project on a PC and move them to the tablet for tweaking and presentation.

To that end, it appears that some of the Android tablet manufacturers like Toshiba or Lenovo, are closer to a PC replacement tablet than Apple’s iPad. With the Toshiba Thrive or the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet you can use almost any peripheral, including large mass storage devices, just as you would with a PC. You may want to watch this next generation of quad-core tablets, which will give you the power to create the things you would originate on a PC.

source: Cnet