American Red Cross launches Pet First Aid app on the Play Store

Pet First Aid

Most of us have a pet or two at home and it’s usual that these pets run into some sort of trouble and get themselves injured. Pet care is of utmost importance for such people and the American Red Cross has just launched a new app called Pet First Aid, to give you all the details and help you need on pet care or injuries.

The app costs $0.99, which isn’t a lot considering what it brings to the table. The American Red Cross is also known for the human First Aid app which was widely successful and very informative too. You can give this app a shot if you have pets around you at all times and it will certainly help you some day. But we hope the app will never come to use as nobody likes a sick pet. The app also comes with videos and quizzes to keep you prepared and informed on how to react to situations. Head over to the link below and give it a shot.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Talk Android