Amazon to stop its daily local deals program on December 18

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#Amazon has just announced that its Daily Local Deals will officially end after the 18th of December, which means that customers will not be able to enjoy the popular deals service after that.

But if you already have deal vouchers pending that have already been bought from Amazon (both online or from the app), those will still remain valid. It’s just that Amazon will completely stop listing such deals after the 18th of December and you will not be able to reap its benefits.

The daily deals program gives you access to a variety of vouchers and deals that would otherwise go too heavy on your wallets. So it’s not that good news for fans who rely on the service for their daily dosage of deals. The move however makes complete financial sense for Amazon considering how the deals niche is getting more segmented and players like Groupon are barely breaking even in the industry.

Amazon is said to be churning in some profits even in this tough economic environment, which is really a surprise considering how most of the competition is suffering at the moment.

Were you a fan of Amazon’s daily local deals? Will you miss its existence?

Source: GeekWire

Via: Engadget