Amazon to Develop its Own Smartphone with 3D Screen

amazon office

A new rumor about Amazon has been circulating recently. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is planning to expand its own line of products to include a smartphone with 3D screen.

The news provider claimed that anonymous insiders revealed to them the plans of Amazon to go beyond their usual Kindle gadgets. Among the planned products that the company is developing are two kinds of smartphones and audio streaming device.

One of the smartphones that they are developing is rumored to have 3D capabilities. Then, the great thing about it is that users do not really need 3D glasses to view the 3D image that the screen emits.

About the Technology

The report of Wall Street said that the 3D viewing without the use of 3D glasses will be made possible through the use of retina-tracking technology. The technology employed in the 3D-enabled smartphone will let the device project a three-dimensional holographic image that will float out of the screen. That means the image can be seen at all angles. The source added that the navigation controls of the device include eye control.

Amazon’s Statement

So far, Amazon has declined to comment on the subject when PCMag tried contacting them this Thursday. Its spokesperson said that the company does not provide comments on matters that are speculative in nature.

More About the Rumors

Based on the source, the new hardware of Amazon are being developed in its Lab126 facility which is based in Cupertino, California. The new projects that they are working on is collectively called the Alphabet Project due to their designations as A, B, C and D. But the report cleared out that some of the new prototypes may not even see the light of day due to financial or performance problems.

Looking at the revelation, there might be one more type of device which was not mentioned by the source’s insiders. Could it be Amazon’s own version of a smartwatch, an eyewear similar to Google Glass, a hybrid laptop or a completely different device?

Let us wait and see. Tune in to this site for more updates.

Source: The Wall Street Journal