Amazon Tablet Details Outed, Nook Color Competitor, This is a good thing

If you want to get a real grasp for what Amazon is doing with it’s tablet you’re going to need to take off your Android enthusiast hat and understand why they’re doing things this way.

MG Siegler over at TechCrunch reported the details of the forthcoming 7″ Amazon tablet today.  Siegler is an admitted Apple fan boy but in his description of what he saw he seems to give the Amazon tablet a really fair shake. I purposely waited a day to report on this story to see where my Android brethren would go with it. As expected most of the stories reporting on Siegler’s report are negative and downplay the importance of Amazon’s 7″ tablet.

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As Siegler explains, one of the first things you need to know is that Amazon has built their own very heavy UI on top of a version of Android that is reportedly lower than 2.2, and you know what, this is great.  This puts Amazon in just about direct competition with this new tablet with Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color.  So it won’t be as fun to root but this device is in no way shape or form about us, Android enthusiasts.

The UI Amazon has designed is heavily integrated with Amazon’s already established, and trusted eco-system.  The tablet won’t even breathe Android market and as Siegler points out there is no sign of the market nor any standard Google Apps.  What you do have though is Amazon’s App Market, which many Android enthusiasts do love, Amazon’s music store, e-book store, general market place and video store.  Not only that but they are going to give away a free year of Amazon prime with the $250 tablet.  Amazon prime gives you access to instant playable videos (which can be accessed by the tablet), along with free 2 day shipping and $3.99 overnight shipping for any item in Amazon’s current market website. You know for grills, clothes, dog beds and phones.

The Amazon tablet will have 6gb of internal memory and as far as Siegler could tell there is no expansion slot.  The introductory version will be wifi only and a 3g one is currently in the works.  Hopefully they’ll do the Amazon tablet like the original Kindle and Nook and have integrated “connected device” 3G, in other words, free.

There’s also no camera.  We’re talking about a content device here.

Will it run Android apps, absolutely, there are a ton of Android apps in the Amazon App Store. The Amazon Tablet will supposedly be called Kindle, as in the next generation of Kindle. Well you buy it? Enthusisats, probably not. However I expect with Amazon’s trusted name and a rumored $250 price point, millions and millions of people will.

Source: TechCrunch

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  1. So “millions” of people will get their first new Android experience being an old, outdated version of the OS? That’s like handing out netbooks with Windows 98 running WindowBlinds and expecting nobody to notice.

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