Amazon Fire Phone now selling for just $0.99 on contract

Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone isn’t exactly a blockbuster hit in the market, although the company would like you to think otherwise. And now, to make the smartphone even more attractive to prospective buyers, the online retailer has decided to slash the pricing to just $0.99 with a two year contract agreement (previously $199.99). The off contract pricing remains unchanged at $449.99, so this deal is only applicable to those willing to sign a lengthy contract with AT&T.

Despite being a feature rich handset, the Amazon Fire Phone has failed to gain traction in the market due to the fact that it lacks Google Play services, which is essential for apps like Gmail as well as the Play Store. But the smartphone is a viable option for people who are reliant on Amazon’s plethora of services. Such customers will even receive incentives on their Prime subscription with the purchase of the smartphone. So while the Fire Phone might not be for everybody, it’s certainly not the worst option available in the market today.

Source: Amazon

Via: Talk Android