Amazon could release a 4K version of the Fire TV console soon

Amazon Fire TV

Currently, we have a myriad of home set top box offerings coming from the likes of #Google, #Apple, #Roku and so on. But we tend to forget that #Amazon is also in the game with its #FireTV console which was released last year. The company is yet to release a refresh for the first model and it seems like they have something big planned.

According to reports, the upcoming Fire TV console will come with 4K streaming support natively, something that is lacking on most set top boxes (including the hotly announced Apple TV), so Amazon could clearly get a leg up over its competition if this report has any truth to it.

Further, it is believed that this console will come with a microSD card slot to allow expansion of onboard storage. Some of these revelations were made by the FCC, so it seems to be coming from a very legitimate source. This new Amazon Fire TV should also support Amazon Prime Instant Video out of the box. What do you think of an upgraded Fire TV such as this?

Source: FCC

Via: Droid Gamers