Amazon bringing back the Kindle DX

Amazon DX

Amazon is reported to have plans on bring back the Kindle DX which is the much larger version of their standard Kindle, the DX version of the Kindle was discontinued late last year. The device has come back and is up for sale on Amazon but it not on the Kindle front page, Amazon haven’t even announced the come back and the device has just been added discretely.

The price of the Kindle DX is now $299 which is down from the previous price of $379. Now the people that are not content with the 6 inch Kindle Paperwhite are now able to get a larger screen size with the DX but it does not come with the same Paperwhite display. Amazon is restocking their DX models for the back to school season with many student of to college soon, the larger screen will appeal to a lot of people.

Usually if you wanted to read e-books on a larger screen you would normally invest in an Android tablet and download the Kindle app, also they have the functionality of being able to surf the web and run other Android apps. With the DX you get very good battery life and free 3g service via Amazons whispernet.

Source: VentureBeat