Amazon AWS EC2 Problems Cripple The Internet And Many Familiar Sites Including Hootsuite

No it’s not an illusion we’ve been tweeting  alot less than we normally have.  One of the main tools we use to interact with people on Twitter is Hootsuite. We use and also the Hootsuite app for Android.

There are several reasons that we use Hootsuite but in particular this week (actually over the next two months) we’ve been doing a lot of traveling to report events. Hootsuite allows us to share access to thedroidguy Twitter account with different members of our team without compromising sensitive credentials.  In otherwords other members of our team have thedroidguy on their Hootsuite without the need for regular authorization every time. This proves to be a huge convenience when it comes to managing Twitter.

Hootsuite is also one of the tools we use when scheduling our broadcast feed.  Although some may rejoice to the fact that we’ve tweeted less content today, we’ve had a good amount of email come in asking what’s wrong.

What’s wrong is that Hootsuite is one of’s major AWS (Amazon Web Services) clients. These companies use Amazons servers for back end support.  In addition to Hootsuite, Quora and Foursquare also use the same Amazon Web Services.

Around 5am Eastern Time today, Amazon began experiencing outage problems at their Northern Virginia data center which houses their Elastic Compute Cloud, better known as (EC2). Amazon has been continually updating both customers and users beginning with this update that they posted around 9am, however at 7:30pm some of the main client sites are still down such as Hootsuite.

The Amazon outage is putting a black eye on the trend of taking everything and putting it in the cloud. When companies do that it leaves them vulnerable to things like this.

Source: CNET