Amazon Appstore offering Sonic CD for free today

Sonic CD

Popular 16-bit title, Sonic CD is now being offered for free via the Amazon Appstore as part of its ‘free app of the day’ promotion. The game costs $2.99 usually, so this is quite a deal on a very popular game. The app costs the same in the Google Play Store as well, so this is probably the best discount you can get right now.

The game made its way to Android via the Play Store back in 2011 and has been available through Amazon’s dedicated Android app hub for quite some time now. This is a retro game as you might have guessed from the screenshots above, but a very fun game nevertheless.

If you haven’t downloaded the Amazon Appstore yet, make sure you do to avail neat offers like these. The app hub offers one popular paid app for free every day and we have seen several other popular titles being offered for free before. You’ll have to be quick though, as the deal won’t last for long.

Source: Amazon Appstore

Via: Android Central

5 Replies to “Amazon Appstore offering Sonic CD for free today”

  1. Yeah, I love Amazon’s daily discounts. There are a lot of bad apps out there that they put up for free, but when they put up a good one, things are great!

  2. It’s a great game, though I can see how the price would put people off. Thankfully, Amazon has regular deals like this!

  3. I love Sonic and have been playing it for some time. Yes! Now I can download it from Amazon onto my Android for free. This is great, thanks Amazon.

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