Alleged Roadmap For Nvidia Tegra 4 Surfaces

Nvidia’s Tegra family strategy is no secret. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang went on the record last year saying that we can expect a new iteration of the Tegra processor on an annual basis. With that in mind, what appears to be a roadmap for next year’s processor, the Tegra 4, has surfaced.

We’re hearing this from our friends at Phandroid who scooped up the report from review site VR-Zone. According to the report on VR-Zone there will be different flavors of the next Tegra processor.

VR-Zone says that one of the variations, or flavors, of the next Tegra processor will include onboard 4G/LTE processing. This is also no secret as Nvidia said they were looking to put 4G/LTE radios on their silicon at both the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC) earlier this year.

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Otherwise we can expect refinements to maximize speed, power and efficiency as we saw going from Tegra 2 to Tegra 3. The flagship device for Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor, the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet has been out for a while, however new phones with Tegra 3 processor’s, like the HTC One X, have just begun to surface in the public.

In both 2012 and 2011 Nvidia positioned themselves and their Tegra processor, to come out of CES with a huge amount of publicity. Everyone wanted a device with a dual core Tegra 2 processor and now a 4+1 core Tegra 3 processor however many were disappointed by both benchmark scores and when real life use cases and devices proved that processors like the TI OMAP 4430 were more efficient.

source: VR-Zone via Phandroid