Alleged Camera Samples of the Galaxy Nexus 2 Emerge


There’s still no information about how or what the next Nexus smartphone will be like. Several reports have stated that the upcoming Nexus will be manufactured by Sony, LG, Motorola, HTC and Samsung separately in different shapes and sizes so as to provide more choices for the customers. While this seems plausible, it is also very likely that Google would want to stick to just Samsung and launch a single successor to the Galaxy Nexus. And now some images believed to be taken from the Galaxy Nexus 2 have showed up on Picasa, giving some scanty details in the process. The model number of the smartphone used to capture the image is apparently the GT-I9260. Since I9250 is what the original Galaxy Nexus is known as, it wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that what we have here is indeed the successor of the Galaxy Nexus. However, we recommend you to take it with a pinch of salt as it’s still early days.

The image certainly looks inconclusive, and we would have liked to see the actual device in action. But as it seems, this could very well be a prototype device handed out to early testers. The launch shouldn’t be long from now though, where we’ll clearly know what Google has in store for us. If as per the rumors, multiple OEMs roll out Nexus smartphones, there is no doubt in my mind that companies like HTC and Sony can quickly pick up pace. These are the companies which are losing out pretty badly in the Android arena to Samsung. So the competition will be fair and it will be up to the consumers to pick the best smartphone.

People weren’t too excited about last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus mainly because of unflattering hardware specs. But despite that, the smartphone managed to do quite well in the market and even today is one of the premier Android smartphones. So it should hardly matter who makes the next Nexus smartphone as long as the users get what they want, and Google will be aware of that. So let’s hope Google makes an announcement soon, because I’m personally quite eager to see what the next Nexus has to offer having seen the iPhone 5 and the lot of Windows Phone 8 smartphones already. The sooner Google does it, the better, as it would want to make a dent on the sales of the iPhone 5 to survive in the long haul. The new iPhone as we know is pretty popular already for all the wrong reasons (read: Apple Maps). So it would make sense for Google to capitalize on that and show the world what it is capable of. I’m sure Android fans would be satisfied with whatever Google has to offer, as it hasn’t failed to impress since the last couple of years. Who would you like to see making the next Nexus smartphone?

Source: Picasa
Via: Droid Dog