All I Want From Santa App Keeps Track Of Your Childrens List And Letters To Santa

Back in the olden days before computers and the internet kids used to sit down with a pen and paper and write letters to Santa detailing what they wanted for Christmas. Those letters were either sent to the north pole, or dropped in Santa mailboxes.

In those days, if your kid was smart, like Wayne Irving II’s kids were, (co-creator of All I Want From Santa), then they sealed that letter up right away leaving parents wondering what they wanted. If your kids believed in Santa Claus than they probably didn’t want to tell their parents what they told Santa as to not spoil the surprise.

Well it’s 2011 and fulfilling your kids wish list just got easier with the help of the All I Want From Santa app.  This feature packed app keeps track of what’s on your kids Christmas list, what they’ve sent to Santa and now it even prioritizes those Christmas wants.

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“My son writes his letters to Santa and puts them in the mailbox, not letting me see what they say,” commented Irving “I would give just about anything to be able to see, save, and cherish those feelings from his heart each year that he still believes in the magic and wonder of Santa’s visits down the chimney.”  Irving added, “This app will do that for me.  When he becomes an adult, I look forward to being able to give him a peek back into his childhood imagination as I will have saved it for him.”

Irving and the team at Iconosys have added a very important element to the “All I Want From Santa App” with a simple easy to use Thank you card feature. This feature allows your child to thank aunt Millie and uncle Bob, their parents, friends and even Santa Claus. This is of course a valuable lesson and a habit all children should get into early on.

Other features include:

  • A very polished, “Santa Official,” and a unique, yet easy to use, interface.
  • Add, edit, delete functionality for a customized database of wish list items per child; send updates to Santa each time if the child so desires.
  • A priority order, allowing the child organize his or her gift lists and give the parents guidance on what is most important to them in terms of must-have presents.
  • Unique login accounts for an unlimited number of children per Smartphone.
  • Write, edit and send functionality for sending as many letters to Santa as a child wishes.
  • The new “THANK YOU CARD” helper feature, which makes writing those important thank you notes that are so much appreciated by the gift giver.
  • Countdown to Christmas Day indicator.
  • Optimized for Motorola Xoom & Xoom Family, Kindle Fire, and NOOK Tablet & Color and available in English as well as Spanish

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  1. o Ho ho ho! It’s been so great to finally get this app! Year after year, my office becomes too cluttered with letters on top of letters. It can get so disorganized! Think about it: Every child in the whole entire world has written a letter to me! Now, with this app, I am able to manage all my letters with ease. And it is so simple to use… I may even be able to finish my list early this year! And we are also saving a ton of trees! Ho ho ho…Merry Christmas to me!

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