Alcatel-Lucent partners with Sequans to promote LTE broadcast

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Sequans Communications SA, the chip manufacturer which provides LTE chips for many companies, has announced that it has completed the interoperability testing of its new LTE chipset with Alcatel Lucent’s LTE infrastructure equipment. And it turns out that Sequan’s new LTE chipsets are working just fine with all Alcatel Lucent’s infrastructure. But that is not it, we are talking about LTE broadcast here.

eMBMS (evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service), also referred to as LTE Broadcast, is the new mobile video delivery technology using which carriers will be able to broadcast videos to a lot of users at any given time with less money that they do now. And not just that, this new broadcast system will use existing LTE infrastructure, which means no additional hardware cost.

“Our LTE chips provide a robust eMBMS solution and our collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent assures operators that the solution works end-to-end, and is commercially viable,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. “We believe that LTE Broadcast is vitally important to mobile operators and we are focused intently on optimizing this capability in our chips.”

Sequan’s new eMBMS is so evolved that it even supports multiple concurrent sessions for multicast traffic, and this is both on TDD and FDD networks. There is also, of course, support for unicast traffic. Business Wire writes, “Sequans also provides support for architectures combining LTE and Wi-Fi, and a standardized interface to third party eMBMS middleware.”

If or when this new technology comes into effect, wireless carriers will be able to easily stream high quality audio or video to users’ smart phone with ease, also, they will be able to offload data to users’ smart phone at a very low cost, but with high speeds. And these applications include live streaming of events on smart phones or pushing software updates to smart phones.

“There is strong demand by operators for LTE Broadcast technology and it is important that mobile operators have a global and mature ecosystem,” said Alain Biston, Alcatel-Lucent LTE Business Unit Vice President. “Our strategic collaboration with Sequans demonstrates that we are committed to developing eMBMS and helping operators maximize their ARPU.”

Source: Business Wire