Aircover: New Android Mobile Security App Launches Today

BlueSprig an app development company based in San Francisco, has announced today the availability of Aircover a new Android mobile security app. This multi-faceted app covers your phone, your apps and even your family, with one simple app.

Aircover of course provides mobile anti-virus protection. Aircover checks your Android phone and apps against their up to date database of mobile security threats including viruses and malware.

The app also offers system optimization tools. Their suite of system optimization tools include: cache clean, memory release, task killer and full system information.

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Privacy and access is a hot button topic on both iOS and Android these days. Aircover also has a tool which lets you know what permissions an app has. Now you can easily see what apps are accessing your private information, and how much of it they are looking at.

Rounding out the Aircover app are Cloud Backup, Device Found and Family Safety. Cloud Backup is a simple utility to backup your Android devices data to the cloud, making it easier to change phones and keep an archive, should you need it later.

Device Found is a locator for your lost phone while Family Safety is a family locator.

Aircover is available in the Android Market today, Here.

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