Add April 22 To The List Of Possible Sprint Galaxy Nexus Launch Dates

Soon after Verizon launched their LTE Galaxy Nexus, we learned Sprint would have an LTE Nexus coming their way as well. And with Verizon being a CDMA network along with Sprint, their variants would most likely be very similar, so we pretty much know what we’re getting. After all, it’s a Nexus, so it’ll be pure Android on the software side, and the hardware side can’t be too different, if at all, from Verizon’s edition.

Sprint subscribers have definitely been waiting patiently on the arrival of this device, as it’s already been months since the launch of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus. The only info Sprint subscribers have gotten all this time from the company themselves is this landing page allowing users to sign up for emails. However, The Verge has gotten their hands on a supposed leaked document Walmart showing an April 22 release date. While April 15th has been going around as a viable Sprint G-Nex release date, it’s not hard to believe that it could be launching later than that.

Sprint has stated that their 4G LTE markets would be lighting up around the middle of 2012, and they’re definitely going to need some phones to sell if they want people to upgrade to their new, high-speed network. Along with the Galaxy Nexus is the LG Viper, another LTE smartphone that Sprint will most likely be launching with the Galaxy Nexus to offer subscribers at least some options. This is still just a piece of paper though, and nothing is official until we hear directly from Sprint. Either way, Sprint subscribers should look for a Galaxy Nexus on April 22, because you never know when you might strike gold at your local store.

Source: The Verge