Activating Samsung Pay will now fetch you a Qi wireless charging pad


Although #SamsungPay is arguably one of the best wireless payments services out there, quite a few users are yet to take it for a spin. In order to encourage those users to take the leap, #Samsung is now offering a free Qi wireless charging pad, simply for activating a credit or debit card on the app. This is only applicable to new users of the service, however.

Once the card is added, you will need to head over to the promos page and copy the code mentioned there. This code can then be used to purchase the Qi wireless charger from Samsung’s official site. All the details will be provided in the page.

Samsung Pay has failed to gain traction despite being available across a variety of retailers in the U.S. The fact that Samsung Pay can even work with conventional payment terminals makes this a pleasing proposition for customers.

Keeping that in mind, it’s frankly a little surprising that it hasn’t caught on already. Perhaps the fact that it’s only limited to Samsung’s more recent Galaxy flagships is the reason for this. Anyway, if you own a compatible device and are yet to activate Samsung Pay, make sure you do, at least for that wireless charger.

Via: Android Authority