Acer TA2 tablet specifications leaked again


A new confirmation of the Acer TA2 tablet appeared today in the form of GFX benchmark results. The tests show that the tablet features an Nvidia Tegra 4 Chipset  running at the clock speed of 1.8GHz. Its display will have a resolution of 2560 x 1344 pixels, otherwise known as WQHD or “Retina display.” The same display will also reportedly feature on-screen navigation buttons. As for the operating system, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is believed to be onboard.

This is not the first time that rumors of the allegedly upcoming Acer tablet surfaced online. Last week, we reported that Nenamark and Passmark benchmark test results of the tablet, which also bears the model number 72HUL, have already been leaked. This week’s leaked specifications of the Acer TA2 are consistent with the ones that appeared last week.

Blog of Mobile surmises that the tablet will be aimed at the high-end market segment, based on these specifications. It would be a welcome move for Acer to release such a premium tablet, since the company had only unveiled budget tablets this year. The Acer TA2 seems to be a pretty exciting device, too, having beaten the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note, and the Asus Nexus 7 in benchmark tests.

Last week, it was speculated that the upcoming tablet would compete with the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, which also offers an Nvidia Tegra 4 Chipset, but with a slightly faster clock speed of 1.9GHz. The display size of the mystery Acer tablet is still unknown, but if it would be pitted against the the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, such tablet may have a 10.1-inch display, as well. There are some speculations, however, that the tablet will feature an 11.6-inch display. Meanwhile, some suggest that the tablet will come with a much more massive display, and will compete with the 18.4-inch ASUS Transformer AiO or the 21-inch HP Slate 21 AIO.

Acer, at the moment, is still silent about the leaked device, and has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

via techkiddy, blog of mobile (via Google Translate), 4pda  (via Google Translate)