Accessory Spotlight: Recharge Your Samsung Galaxy Tab In The Car

Shortly after the release of the original 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab I found myself camped out like an Apple Fan Boy at Toys R Us on Thanksgiving night. It was cold, wet and rainy but luckily I had an umbrella that worked great, a case on my Galaxy Tab and I was going to watch a movie or something to stay entertained. That’s when I quickly learned that not all 30 pin connectors are created equally.

I showed up in the line with about 50% to go on the Galaxy Tab. I thought I was lucky because I had a fully charged Amzer solar charger so if my tab went down I could just plug it in to the solar chargers USB port and voila.  No dice.  I got a red X over the battery charging indicator and the Galaxy Tab quickly died after that.

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This iLuv Samsung Galaxy Tab Charging Kit Works With All Models

I thought perhaps, that it was the Amzer charger but when I had my purchases in tow and headed back out to the car, again the device wouldn’t charge.

After pinging Samsung’s PR department they confirmed what I was hoping was just a fluke, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab had a proprietary charging system. They followed suit with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8,9, 7,0 Plus and probably the 7.7.

Never fear though, a company we love very much called iLUV makes a charging kit for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (the powerbag charges Galaxy Tabs as well).

iLuv’s Galaxy Tab charging kit includes a spare home charger, USB 30 pin connector cable and a car charger that actually works.  Not only that but one thing we love about iLuv is that their full line of accessories are always priced right.

Sure we give them a hard time about being called i-anything but iLuv makes over 100 different products that work with Android including, charging kits, cases, speaker docks, cases and more. They also have a full line of iOS and macbook accessories, which we will spotlight for you as well.

Want one, get it here:
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  1. I want to take my Galaxy Tab 7.#1800 to Israel. . .Can I charge it there with just a common adapter? Help!

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