A new trojan injects ads on Mac computers

Trojan ads on Apple's website

For Apple fans who are very obsessed with their Mac OS X and criticize the Windows operating system for not being too safe, you need to wake up and see the world around you. The number of malware attacks on Mac OS X machines are increasing on a daily basis. The world of hackers is not sitting quietly and targeting only the Windows machines. And in fact, there is a new Trojan discovered for the Mac OS X. And to be frank, this Trojan has migrated from the Windows operating system.

Russian antivirus firm, Doctor Web, has identified Trojan.Yontoo.1 to be affecting Mac OS X machines from the web browsers. The malware presents itself as a plug in for your browser. This plug in can present itself in any way it wants, including a media player, download accelerator, or “a video quality enhancement program.” In some cases, it has even presented itself as a plug in which gives access to movie trailers.

Once the user selects to install this plug in, the software asks if the user wants to download a free program called the Free Twit Tube. It doesn’t matter what you select, Yes, or No. As soon as the question is popped, the plug in downloads the Trojan from the internet for all the installed browsers on the Mac OS X machine. This includes Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

After this, whenever you open a website which has some potential content for ads, the plug in will place an ad on that page, without the user suspecting anything. And the Trojan does not excuse Apple’s own website for this, as you can see from the image above. But apart from this, the Trojan is not yet found guilty of doing anything else. And the Trojan does not even use the many security holes present in Mac OS X to install itself. The Trojan has been designed only to make money by displaying ads.

Source: Arstechnica