A New Invention By A Teen Could Reduce Smartphone Charging Time

khare invention

The long smartphone charging time has been such a pain to consumers. For years, companies and scientists have been looking for a way to reduce it but to no avail. Surprisingly, it only took a teen to do the job.

Full in 20 Seconds

According to Yahoo! News, an 18-year old high school student was able to discover a way to significantly reduce the charging time of smartphones. Her invention can apparently juice up the battery of your mobile device in mere 20 seconds. So far, this greatly surpasses every so-called “fast chargers” that are being sold in the market today.

The name of the student is Eesha Khare from Lynbrook High School in California. Recently, she won $50,000 for the Young Scientist award in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair which was held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Khare’s invention is called a supercapacitor. Basically, it is a tiny device that could be fitted inside the battery of a mobile device. So far, it only managed to power up a LED light but the source says that the small device could do more.

Her invention has the potential to power up a smartphone battery in just a span of 20 seconds because of its capability to hold a lot of energy. Then, other practical applications of her invention are charging car batteries and other electronic appliances.

Her Inspiration

When Khare was asked what made her decide to pursue such feat during her interview, she said that she has always been disappointed with how her cellphone battery gets depleted most of the time. So, she decided to pursue with the idea of inventing a device that could easily juice up cellphone batteries.

Future Plans

Currently, the young inventor is planning to use up her winnings to enroll to Harvard University in order to improve her knowledge and take her research further. Also, she was said to have been contacted by Google due to the company’s interest in her research.

Source: Yahoo! News