5 Best 3D Printing Pens In 2020

For kids and adults around the world, the new *hot* item this holiday season are 3D printing pens.  Ever since the creation of 3D printers, we have been fascinated with the application of creating a design in our head and being able to “draw” it in three dimensions instead of having to render it in

3D Printing in Mashup Creation

Free Universal Construction Kit

When you want to create something of your own by using things which are already created, you need to take permission from the creators of those other things before using them for creating your things. And you can use them only if you get their permission. And in the world of music, videos, and photos,

5 Best 3D Printers to Make Your Own Phone Case

Gone are the days when 3D printers used to be prohibitively expensive for personal use. In 2017, 3D printing makes sense even if you just want to make your own phone case. Of course, we know that your new 3D printer will see far more use because there’s a whole community of enthusiasts just like

5 Best 3D Printer Under $500 in 2020

3D printing is no longer the novelty that it once used to be. Thanks to super aggressive prices and increasing competition, several manufacturers have started offering 3D printers with features to rival the best in the industry. However, pricing remains one of the primary concerns for prospective buyers. Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to

LazeeEye Turns your Android Smartphone Into A 3D Camera

Do you want to add a cool new feature to your Android smartphone? Why not make it into a 3D camera? Just attach a hardware ad-on called LazeeEye and you’ll be able to capture 3D images in no time at all. This device which is conceptualized by Massachusetts-based tech consultancy Heuristic Labs allows users to

Buccaneer affordable 3D printer campaign launches on Kickstarter

Buccaneer is a pocket-friendly 3D printer designed with home consumers in mind. A project by the Palo Alto, California-based Pirate3D Inc., the Buccaneer started seeking for support from backers on May 30. Pirate3D set out for a goal of $100,000, but in just a day, it had received $275,794 funds of support, with 29 days

3D printed light speakers

3D Printed Light Speakers

3D printing is the next big thing in the world of technology. It is the next big thing that hobbyists and scientists have started working with, and that is because the possibilities of the applications of a 3D printer look endless now. There are scientific researches going on how to create or print human DNA

Now, 3D printed body parts can be a possibility

  In the medical field, doctors come across many cases wherein children have lost an ear due to a birth defect or an accident . A probable solution to this problem is reconstructive surgery or prosthetic (which hardly resemble the shape of an ear) and involves longs hours of painful surgery.   However, Cornell bio engineers and physicians may

Staples plan to offer 3-D printing in stores

Staples will soon be offering a 3-D printing service. Tagged as “Staples Easy 3D”, this new service will let customers upload their projects or designs to Staples’ website and can be printed at any local supply Staples store. Staples can also shipped the printed product to a business or home similar to the existing document-

New Green Technology And Other Innovations Unveiled By Inhabitat

March marks the spring time in the Western world, so it is also a good time for Inhabitat to feature its new Green technology innovations such as the bee venom that could possibly bring treatment to people with HIV, flying robot bees that can pollinate flowers and a prototype of Digitizer desktop 3D scanner. There

Chemputer – A printer to print out drugs on the desk

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and we are just few years away from having robotic slaves. We already have printers that can print out simple 3D object. Though the 3D printing technology is very slow and in its infancy at the moment, scientists have found more useful purpose for this idea. Professor

7 Best Printers For Heat Transfer On T Shirts in 2020

We all like to wear cool T-shirts with messages unique to us. The easiest way to get started on this is by making your T-Shirt design. But doing this is not always as easy as it seems, and requires the right kind of equipment to get started. We’re going to help you understand the intricacies

6 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools in 2020

The purpose of remote access software, sometimes also called remote desktop software or remote control software, is to let you control a computer remotely from another computer. This can be useful when a friend or relative who isn’t as computer-savvy as you are asks you for help, or when you let an application run on