7 Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts

Wireless charging has come a long way since its original inception. Today we can find wireless phone charging in the form of car mounts. However, finding a wireless phone charging car mount isn’t necessarily easy. Keeping this in mind, customers need to be very careful while shopping for these accessories. This is mostly because finding the perfect car mount with wireless charging can be quite a big challenge. Given that there are plenty of manufacturers offering these accessories, it’s hard to pick out the best one.

This is why we’ve decided to compile a list of wireless phone charging car mounts that will definitely come in handy in your adventures. It goes without saying, but you will need a phone which supports wireless charging for these car mounts to work. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at our list.

7 Best Wireless Phone Charging Car Mounts

Andobil Wireless Car Charger

This is an attractive wireless car charger that can juice up your phone wirelessly in no time. It comes with a fairly decent set of mechanisms that ensure your phone and the charger are properly aligned. The best part about this car mount is that even though it relies on a hinge design, unlocking and tightening the hinge/claws are very easy and require no effort at all. You simple have to tap the quick release button to widen the claws and simply put your phone inside to lock the claws automatically.

The manufacturer also claims that you don’t need to remove your device from a case or cover to enable wireless charging, thus saving you plenty of time. It’s pretty large as well, so you have the option to attach it to your dashboard or one of the AC vents, whatever works for you. The size also has another advantage as it can comfortably hold the largest phones available in the market today including devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone XS Max.

The bottom tray in particular is very useful as it can help you adjust the fit of the phone in case it isn’t charging. There are indicators to let you know if the phone is being charged or not. The manufacturer supplies this wireless car charging mount with an air vent clip, a dashboard mount as well as a 4.9 feet micro USB cable to power the charger. This charger is capable of fast wireless charging (10W), allowing you to charge your phone in the same pace as a wired charger.

iOttie Easy One Touch

iOttie is a well known name in the accessories business and it’s no surprise that the company also has a stellar wireless charging car mount in its stables. This offering uses a patented one touch lock and release mechanism, allowing you to release the hinges and lock them using just one hand. It comes with a built-in micro USB cable as well as a standard USB port, allowing you to charge up other devices over a wired connection. This mount can only be attached on your dashboard, though. The company recommends cleaning the surface and letting the surface stay for 30 minutes before installation to get the best fit.

The suction used here is pretty tight which ensures that the device stays in place even during movement. Since the mount is pretty big, it can accommodate larger phones as well. So if you recently bought a 6-inch+ smartphone and cannot find a decent wireless charger, this will definitely do the trick. The telescopic arm can turn around at up to a 225 degree arc, allowing maximum flexibility for navigation. The company recommends attaching this onto your car windshield if you have a leather dashboard.

Anker PowerWave

Anker doesn’t need an introduction in the wireless charging accessories market. The company has standalone wireless chargers that are immensely popular out there and this car wireless charging mount is no different. The mount attaches to the air vent of your car and comes with a feet micro USB cable to keep it juiced up. The best part is that this package also includes a two port fast car charger using Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ technology for fast and efficient charging. This allows you to charge your phone wirelessly and also have a spare port left for any other Android or iOS device.

The company claims that the charger can emit power in 10W for a handful of Android smartphones. However, this works only if you own a Quick Charge compatible car charger on board. Apple iPhones can charge in 7.5W using the same standard. Customers don’t need to remove cases or covers from their phones to charge it wirelessly thanks to Anker’s PowerWave technology which can emit power even through a narrow surface. This is a Qi based wireless charging mount, which is the standard used by pretty much every phone maker today.

The mounts are pretty well designed, and can hold your phone in place safely. There’s a simple push mechanism to help you attach the phone onto the mount. It’s a pretty decent product and as far as car wireless chargers go, it’s tough to beat the Anker PowerWave.


This is more of a charging mat than a standard single wireless charger. It comes with two coils which means it can charge two devices at the same time. However, this particular wireless charging dock is only compatible with the Tesla Model 3. While it is capable of charging two phones at the same time, you can also choose to use only one side of the charging dock. This can be convenient if you need the second phone to simply rest on the dock without charging or if you want the second USB port for something like a dash cam.

The company claims that some users have problems charging with this product, and although this is only in a handful of cases, getting a USB splitter solves the issue completely. The charger is capable of providing 10W of output on each side, giving you fast wireless charging. However, this is device independent, so make sure you have a compatible device before expecting 10W wireless charging on this dock.

What I like about this offering is the fact that it blends with the architecture of the Model 3 perfectly, almost making it seem like it’s a part of the car and not a separate accessory. Be sure to check this product out on Amazon.


This is a simple, yet effective wireless car charger that doesn’t take too much space on your car. It attaches itself to the air vent in a simple clip mechanism, ensuring your device stays in place even when you’re driving on bumpy roads. The edges of the mount are made of silicon, which keeps the device safe from scratching and scuffing. This charger also supports 10W fast charging wirelessly, much like most of the chargers we’ve talked about. However, this feature is device independent, so not all wireless charging phones will be compatible with it.

Installation is fairly easy and a simple push of the button unlocks the hinges and tightens as soon as you place the phone in correct alignment with the charging coil. The bottom of this mount comes with a micro USB port to power up the device. The company also provides a micro USB cable with the product, so you don’t have to look for your existing cables.


This offering can be mounted on your dashboard or the air vent, depending on your convenience. This means you have multiple options with regards to placement. I personally prefer the air vent attachment as it barely takes a few seconds to set up. But keeping it on your dashboard lets you swivel your phone in any direction you want, something that is not possible when you attach it to the air vent.

It has a single charging coil, and charging doesn’t take too long thanks to the Quick Charge compatible cable offered with the package. You can even place the phone with the case on as long as it doesn’t exceed thickness of 3mm. This is a decent ineffective option for those who don’t want to spend too much on a car wireless charger.

NicoMoO Wireless Car Charger

This is yet another decent and cost effective car charger that comes with a sleek design and easy snap fit that allows you to keep the device in place despite change in road conditions around you. It can work even with a case on, which is pretty handy and time saving especially when you’re on the go. The company claims that it fits phones of up to 6-inches, so a large sized phone you got recently is surely compatible with this offering as long as it charges using the Qi standard.

You can attach this onto your dashboard or even the air vent, so the choice is completely up to the user. Dashboard mounting allows you to swivel your phone up to 360 degrees, which can be very handy.