Apple released a fix for iDevices


Apple has released a new fix to counter the bug that sneaked into its iOS whereby a user could get through the security code to check on someone’s messages, mail, call logs and other private information through a series of small steps like making emergency calls. Dubbed iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, the update fixes any unauthorized access to the phone. The bug was a major privacy concern for users whose personal information like private photos could be exposed in the event of theft or loss of the phone, also when the phone was left unattended. Apple has accepted the bug and has delivered a fix to tighten security and fix this bug. The new beta iOS 6.1.3 has been released to fix the major security issue and minor locale and map issues.


Apple has had some problems with its new iOS 6.0, requiring a number of fixes and releases to patch up the OS. As recently as last week, Apple released its iOS 6.1.1 fix, aimed at the iPhone 4S to optimize phone performance. A few days later, Apple released its next fix, the 6.1.2 to that was aimed again at improving performance but this time it was the battery performance that required the patch up. A bug in calendar exchange caused the battery to drain, leaving users rushing to the nearest plug point. The fix also offers some updates to the Japanese map apps.


iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 fix released recently is available for download from Apple’s stores and can be downloaded onto Apple’s phones right away – the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.