5 Best Workout Headphones For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One area that many of us use our smartphones for is exercise. Whether you’re a person who enjoys running, jogging or a long weight session at the gym, we all use our smartphones, whether it be for playing music to motivate us through the workout, or maybe we’re tracking our workout with a stopwatch or an app that helps guide us through different weight-driven workouts. Unfortunately, when you’re working out, it’s hard to hear the music just because of how quiet phone speakers are (not to mention that it might be rude to play music around others). That said, a good pair of workout headphones is almost a necessity with your new phone purchase.

Best Workout Headphones

If you are looking at getting or have already gotten a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, follow along below, and we’ll show you the top 5 best workout headphones for the smartphone!

Jaybird X3

One of the best workout headphones you can get your hands on right now are the famed Jaybird X3’s. These headphones are perfect for workouts, as they have a band around them that lets them firmly sit on your ears — that way, you don’t lose them if you go on a long run. They’re also sweat proof, so you don’t have to worry about moisture getting in them and ruining them: they’ll be 100% fine. Sound quality in the Jaybird X3’s is really good as well.

Gear IconX

Samsung makes a great pair of workout headphones as well — the Gear IconX. These are true wireless buds — there’re no straps connecting the two to keep them snug around your ears and head, as they fit directly into your ears. It comes with a variety of different inserts, so you can properly measure the fitment for your ear.

Sound quality in the Gear IconX is great. Whether you’re listening to podcasts, music or movies, the Gear IconX will give you the crisp and clear sound you need. Battery life isn’t the best, only getting about 5 hours over Bluetooth; however, they come with a portable charging case that can juice them up really fast.


The BeatsX are great for longer workouts. They have a longer battery life than the Jaybird X3 and the Samsung Gear IconX. A single charge will give you up to 8 hours of music playback over the Bluetooth connection. When you run out of juice, the fast charging tech built into the BeatsX can give you an hour of extra juice for just 15 minutes on the wire. Sound quality in these headphones is great as well. You can’t go wrong with the BeatsX, especially since they’re sweat resistant — perfect for a long workout.

Bose SoundSport

If you want a real premium pair of great workout headphones, you cannot go wrong with the SoundSport from Bose. They’re especially good for workouts because they’re resistant to the elements and are sweat proof. You don’t have to worry at all about moisture getting in them and ruining them — they’ll hold up just fine.

Sound quality is excellent. You can expect to hear crisp and clear sound — it doesn’t sound like an echo chamber at all, much like you’d get in a super cheap pair of workout headphones. They have a special fitment for your ear as well — there’s different inserts and wingtips to make sure they fit firmly and comfortably. Check them out at the link below.

SoundMoov Bluetooth Headphones

Next, we have the Soundmoov Bluetooth headphones. These are a pair of workout headphones for those that are on a budget. They have all the features that you would want out of a pair of workout headphones — sweat proof, resistant to the elements, etc. They also feel comfortable in the ear and fit really great, which means you won’t be searching for them everywhere if they fall out during a run or jog.

Battery life is fairly good, too. You can get 2.5 hours of straight music playback, but it comes with a charging case that can fully charge them up to three additional times before the case needs charging. Check ’em out below!


So, which pair of workout headphones should you get for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? We recommend the Bose SoundSport — not only are they great for workouts, but they’re great for everyday life, too. Whether you want to listen to music while you’re on a run or watch a movie while you’re on a plane, they’ll be nothing but reliable and high quality. If you’re looking at other ones, the Jaybird X3 and Gear IconX are great options, too.

Best Workout Headphones