5 Best Workout Headphones For iPhone XS In 2020

If you’re like many of us, you use your iPhone XS for your workouts, whether it be to track exercises or listen to music while you workout. And if you do that, you know that any ol’ pair of headphones just won’t do. You need the perfect pair that is designed for working out, a pair that can stay firmly fitted in your ears during a long run or jog. Finding that perfect pair of headphones is always a difficult task, especially with so many on the market today, too. That said, if you follow along below, we’ll show you the best workout headphones that you can pick up for your iPhone XS. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Swimbuds Sport

Coming in number five place, we have a neat and unique pair of headphones called the Swimbuds Sport. These headphones have some excellent audio quality, allowing you to even hear the small nuances in your tracks. These are great for more than just working out at the gym or jogging down the trail though. As the product name implies, they’re extremely resistant to water of all types. That said, you don’t have to worry about shorting out the circuitry during swimming exercises at the local rec center or in your backyard. These headphones are by all intents and purposes waterproof, so you really won’t have trouble with them in most activities.


Jaybird X3

And in fourth place on our list, we have the Jaybird X3 workout headphones. Jaybird is a well-known brand, building quality headphones at half the price of top brands like B&O. Built with excellent sound quality, on par with well known brands like Beats and Audio Technica, you’ll be able to hear all the subtle details in your music tracks. These connect up to your iPhone XS by way of Bluetooth, and will last almost all day off of a single charge — there’s actually a whopping eight hours of straight music playback, but you can make that stretch a little more if you listen on and off.


Bose SoundSport

And in third place, we have an excellent pair of workout headphones from Bose — the SoundSport workout headphones. They’re better than the Jaybird X3’s as far as actual sound quality goes, but they do have less battery life off of a single charge. You actually only get six hours of battery life out of these rather than the eight hours you get in the Jaybird X3’s. Still, plenty to get you through an intense workout or jog, though you will need to charge them more regularly. Bose has outfitted their SoundSport’s with something called StayHear+ fitment technology, which keeps these earbuds firmly in place, even during jogs or runs.


Sennheiser OCX 686G

Coming in as our second contender on our list, we have Sennheiser’s very own OCX 686G headphones. Also, a high quality pair of workout headphones that you don’t want to pass up. A little different from the rest, these are actually wired and plug directly into an audio jack. You actually get better sound quality this way because you aren’t dealing with latency and wireless response times, nor any interference.


SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

And in number one spot on our list, we have the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones. As far as budget workout headphones go, these are a little on the pricier side, but still not too bad for those that don’t want to drop $100 on a pair of workout headphones. However, these are still a high quality pair of headphones that you don’t want to pass up. They might have slightly less sound quality than the Bose SoundSports or the Jaybird X3’s, but the average person won’t notice a big difference. Battery life is excellent, and they stay fitted well during workouts, runs, or jogs.


As you no doubt have already seen, there are a ton of headphones to choose from for listening to music and working out, much more than we’ve listed here. However, any one of these will bring you excellent audio quality while staying fit really well in your ears, not to mention the long term durability these have. If you’re looking for a top brand, it’s hard to pass up what Bose is offering in the SoundSport or what Jaybird has in the X3.

Do you have a favorite pair of workout headphones? Let us know what it is in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!