5 Best Wireless Printers in 2020

Although we are aware of the harms of papers on the environment, it’s increasingly hard to live a paperless life. We have important documents and several other content requiring papers, which makes it an integral part of our lives, as hard as it is for us to admit. Keeping this in mind, printers are always going to be in demand. The smaller the printer, the better. In fact, there are printers that offer the ability to AirPrint or print wirelessly without requiring a connection to a host device. This is possible using a combination of WiFi and NFC in some cases.

Best Wireless Printers

If you’re on the lookout for a printer like this, our list will have you covered. We’re going to talk about some of the best wireless printers available for purchase in 2018. AirPrint is only compatible with Apple devices, so prospective buyers who have Android smartphones need to be careful with their selection.

5 Best Wireless Printers

HP DeskJet 2655

This advanced printer, scanner, copier comes with a versatile set of functions, setting it apart from the rest of the competition. It features a sleek design, blending in with the decor of any environment. Android users can use HP’s dedicated app to print documents and pictures wirelessly, so you don’t necessarily need an iOS device to access the wireless printing feature on this particular printer. It supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, so if you have an Echo at your disposal, using this printer is going to be a breeze.

The printer supports the following formats – Letter, Legal (4×6), (5×7) (8×10) and No. 10 envelopes. The printer comes with a 1-year warranty, along with HP’s friendly 24 hour customer support on the web. The printer is capable of churning out 7.5 black pages per minute and 5.5 color pages per minute, which is not extraordinary, but a decent print rate nonetheless. This is a budget printer, so while you will save significantly up front, you might be needed to shell out a few bucks as the years pass. Amazon currently has the HP DeskJet 2655 for $49.99, which is fairly decent for a wireless color printer.

Brother HL-L8360CDW

Brother is a well known brand in the printer business. Known for professional grade consumer printers, the company has been around for quite some time. This particular model we’re talking about comes with the ability to scan, print, and copy documents, something that’s common with most wireless printers in the market today. It’s not exactly compact, but if you need professional prints, the size of the printer barely matters. It’s clear that this printer is designed to be used in large offices with non-stop printing needs. We’re happy to report that the printer will reach all your expectations on that front.

What makes this printer special is the fact that it can automatically order replenishments (ink) for the printer when it’s running out using Amazon Dash. The orders will be placed on Amazon, and as soon as you realize you’re running out, the replacement ink will be delivered to you. That’s pretty handy especially if you’re going to use this printer in an environment where a lot of people access the printer regularly.

It comes with a 250 sheet capacity tray that is suitable for letter or legal formats, as well as an additional tray that can hold 50 sheets. You can expand the tray size to 1300 sheets using optional trays that have to be bought separately. Each Brother cartridge offers high-yield 6,500-page output, which means the cartridges don’t have to be ordered ever so often. This printer is priced at $352.02 on Amazon right now, which makes it slightly expensive compared to the other printers on the market.


Canon is known for its professional cameras as well as printers. We’re going to talk about the latter today. The Pixma iX6820 comes with a flat, almost horizontal design, allowing the user to place it conveniently on the table. This is a luxury that some of the bigger printers aren’t afforded. It’s less versatile compared to other printers, however, so there is a tradeoff involved here. It can print 4×6 photos in roughly 36 seconds. It also comes with a 5 individual ink-tank system, allowing the printer to churn out amazing photos in less than a minute. It also supports Google’s Cloud Print, allowing you to print wirelessly using your Android smartphone or tablet.

Images are printed with a maximum resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi, which is fairly decent. If you’re looking for a no frills photo printer, the Canon Pixma is an excellent option. It will cost you $136 on Amazon right now, making it one of the cheaper wireless printers out there.

HP OfficeJet 250

As the name suggests, this printer is meant for office use. As such, it is capable of churning out 10 black pages per minute and 7 color pages per minute (ppm). It can hold 50 sheets at a time, and also comes with a 10 sheet automatic feeder. It comes with a 2.65-inch touchscreen display, allowing you to navigate through the options of the printer. It can’t do bulk printouts like some of the other printers on this list, but is perfect for a small office or company which needs regular printouts. It supports all the standard paper formats including Letter, legal, statement, executive, envelopes etc. The OfficeJet 250 is priced at $274.89, so it won’t come cheap.

Brother HL-L2350DW

We have yet another Brother printer on our list, and that tells us a lot about the kind of products they make. It comes with a tray capable of holding 250 sheets, that can churn out printouts at a speed of 32ppm. Since it’s a newer model, it comes with Amazon’s Dash replenishment feature enabled, offering automatic ordering of replacement ink whenever it runs out. Naturally there’s wireless printing enabled as well. Double sided printing (duplex) is supported by default. This top of the line printer will cost you $109 on Amazon. An XL version of the printer with two years of free toner is also a viable option, priced at $249.

Best Wireless Printers