5 Best Wireless Charging Dock Stand For Galaxy S10

Wireless is the latest trend in the technology world. Everything from telephone to an earphone which once came with long and tangled wires has now turned wireless. Even the common smartphone chargers have started using inductive transmission technology.

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These chargers come with a transmission coil that turns the input current to signals for the smartphone to receive. The smartphone then converts them back to electrical form and use them to pump up the battery.

However, there are several numbers of designs and models of these chargers, each with its own specification and output. You can’t just gamble with your expensive Galaxy S10 or your hard earned money. So how, do you find the best product for your smartphone?

This article will walk you through various things about these gadgets, and present 5 top models of wireless charger which you can consider for your Galaxy devices.

Choose The Right Standard

Until recent years, there were two wireless standards, Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard. But presently, most companies adopt the Qi standard as the PMA joined WPC.

Qi pronounced as CHEE is an open interface standard for induction based wireless charging. The technology ensures that the user gets wireless charging for up to 1.6-inch, using a charging pad and a compatible device.

In short, Wireless Power Consortium is taking care of all the factors to develop better and reliable technology. So all you have to look now is the charging speed and compatibility of your device.

Choose The Right Wattage

Different smartphones have different wattage requirements. Most of them are fine with a charge of 5 to 10 watts, but some recently announced and advanced models have individual needs. Like the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series supports 7.5 w whereas note 8 and note 9 supports fast charging.

A low wattage charger can charge high power device, but that will mean a slow charging and an extra long charging duration. So, you have to find your smartphones requirement before you get a charger. The wattage is generally 7.5W, 9W or 15 W.

The software and cables that you use with the charger also play a role in the performance and current dispensing. For example, the phones with iOS 11.2 and above supports 7.5w while the once with older OS works with 5W.

Choose The Right Design

Like all the other gadgets, the wireless chargers also come in various sizes and shapes. There are the pad types with circular body and the stand types with a holder like structure. As far as the performance is concerned, size and design don’t have any direct effect on it. However, grip, the angle of sight and LED indicator does have a considerable impact.

For instance, if you get a pad charger, your smartphone will always lie parallel to the surface, which is not practical for video playbacks. While the stand type chargers give you a straight and portrait alignment for comfortable and convenient movies and streaming experience.

Best Wireless Charging Dock Stand For Galaxy S10

Charging Dock For Galaxy S10

1) Anker Fast Wireless Charger

Anker presents the most powerful and efficient wireless charger that is ideal for all your Samsung and Apple devices. The charger is at the top of this list for its unusual features and reliable build.

This device is a high power charger with an output of 10W. It ensures fast charging for all the compatible Android devices as well as 10% faster charging for iPhone with 5W support. The brand claims that their product has an optimized technology which can fully charge a Samsung device in 30 minutes less than other chargers. Moreover, it’s not available for Samsung and iPhone only. You can use it with any smartphone which has support for fast wireless charging.

As for the performance factor, this charger has Qi certification for flawless working and safety. It has two coils for producing charging waves. It generates strong induction field which can penetrate all kinds of smartphones covers with a thickness less than 5mm. Provided this protective casing is not metal or magnet based, as these two interfere with induction current.

The best thing about this wireless charger is that you can use it with both portrait and landscape mode. This property comes in handy for conferences and facial recognition technology. Further, the data cable you get with this device is 3 feet in length, which mean an extended range for charger connection.


  • Led indicators
  • Universal compatibility
  • Use micro-USB power cable
  • Dual output compatibility


  • Does not comes with a charging adaptor

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Charging Dock For Galaxy S10

2) Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger

Belkin is a third party dealer of wireless accessories that is known for its extraordinary product quality. Their new model by the name is Boost Up is one of the most advanced wireless chargers that you will find out there.

This gadget has a maximum power output of 10 watts, which is enough for fast charging of most devices. You can use it with less power rated devices too. It has a power regulating circuit which adjusts output for 7.5W and 9 W according to the user requirements. Moreover, you can use this device for LG, Apple, Galaxy, and many other devices. However, it does have some limitation like in the case of Google Pixel. It doesn’t support fast charging and provide standard 5W speed fo Pixel.

Belkin is in technology and innovation for over 35 years and no wonder their charger has Qi certification for safety and performance. You can trust their charging dock for Galaxy S10 for temperature control, voltage adjustment, and really, long life.  This charger also has a premium shielding which when accompanied by precise resistors eliminate interference and protect smartphone functionality while charging. They also help in foreign object detection.

Additionally, Boost Up has an attractive design. It has an anti-slip surface and a holding clip which help to maintain the position of smartphone and the charger. The grip also enhances your smartphone using experience while charging it, that too in both landscape and portrait mode.


  • Compatible with covers of up to 3mm
  • Overheating protection
  • LED indicators
  • Comes with AC adaptor
  • Adaptor with 5-foot wire


  • Produce high-pitch sound sometimes

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Charging Dock For Galaxy S10

3) Seneo Wireless Charger

Seneo Wireless charger is a perfect blend of technology, quality, and affordability. It is ideal for all kinds of smartphone users in terms of design, compatibility, and performance.

The charger has a sleek and straightforward stand type design with dimensions of 2.8X5.8X23.4 inches only. As for the portability part, it is just 4 ounces, so that won’t be an issue. The super study device is capable of producing many different outputs according to the smartphone requirements. The type of charging adaptor used to power this wireless stand also affects its output wattage. These wattage factors make this device compatible with Apple Samsung and a lot of other smartphones. Moreover, it has two coiled systems so you can use it for both portrait and landscape mode.

Seneo has used the exclusive ATB technology for this charger and also has a Qi certification for it. The new technology enables it to charge devices with 15% more speed than standard chargers. It also ensures that the temperature of the devices doesn’t exceed 4-degrees Celsius. Further, it has CE/FCC, ID/UL certifications. So, you can rest ashore with the safety of your smartphone. The charger will regulate voltage, temperature, and all other factors to ensure it.

The unique thing about this charger is its angular holder design. It holds the smartphone at an angle of 60 degree which is ideal for movies and e-book reading. The charger also has LED indicators that show the status of your phone’s battery.


  • Multiple safety protection
  • Cooling fins for temperature control
  • Anti-slip rubber base


  • No fast charging for Apple devices
  • Does not comes with power adaptor
  • No LED for interference warning

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4) Samsung Wireless Charger

When it comes to buying a charger for your Galaxy S10, it’s home-company is the best choice, especially if when they have something like this convertible charger.

This unique model has a dual compatible structure which enables the user to use it as a stand as well as a pad charger. This model has a premium and an exquisite design that is way ahead of the common wireless charger. The round structure with a sturdy base and leather-like finish is something you don’t see every day. Moreover, Samsung has removed the glossy finishing layer which makes this product a lot more resistant to fingerprint and smudge.

Further, this device comes with a high-power wall socket adaptor of type C which enables fast charging of smartphones. It also has a set of fans that help to regulate the temperature of the charging dock as well as your smartphone. The inbuilt chipset is also responsible for controlling the voltage and current according to the user requirements and the safety factor of the device. It generally dispenses 9W for Samsung phones which ensure 1.4X faster charging than conventional chargers.

Samsung has also placed some LED indicator on this charger. These indicators tell the user about the alignment of the smartphone and the battery level.  As for the support, this charger works with most Galaxy as well as Apple devices.


  • Indicator for misalignment of the smartphone
  • USB type C compatibility
  • Support devices with nonmetallic covers


  • Charging time is more than a wired charger
  • Not that good with covered phones

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5) iOttie’s iON Wireless Stand

iOttie’s iON is one of the most stylish and attractive wireless charger available in the market to date. It is also one of the most speedy devices that you will find.

iON comes with a maximum output of 10W for Android devices and 7.5W for iPhone. It is compatible with almost every galaxy and Apple product with Qi certification. It further has a two coil based design which makes it suitable for both landscape and portrait alignment of your smartphone. The stand’s 65-degree tilt also adds to the arrangement convince. You can comfortably use it for all kind of navigation and video playbacks.

Further, the base of this charger features a premium anti-slip finish. The extra grip along with perfectly balanced weight, eliminate every chance of slipping or flipping. There is also an anti-slip pad which acts as the footpad of your smartphone during the charger. This pad is very beneficial for eliminating the changes of misalignment due to slipping.

Additionally, this Charging Dock For Galaxy S10 has a tweed-style fabric coating on the upper structure. This fabric presents an exquisite and classy look that blends with your home and office furniture, very beautifully. The power port at the back side of this charger is very discrete and almost invisible from the front side.

The distinct feature of this charger is its range. Unlike most devices, this product has a range of approximately 7mm, which means it is ideal for most thick type phone covers. It also has LED  indicators for showing charging status and power supply. These indicators on the side panel are very moderate in lighting. So, you can charge your phone at night without worrying about the distracting lights.


  • Comes with a wall socket
  • Compatible with 5W devices
  • Rubber bottom
  • 18 watts USB input
  • Fast charging for both Android and iOS devices


  • Non-convertible design
  • Non-adjustable viewing angle
  • A little pricey

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Summary of the best Charging Dock For Galaxy S10

The wireless chargers are a piece of technical masterpiece. The chargers are not only easy to use and, but they are also a great product in terms of safety and reliability. Every decent quality wireless charger comes with overvoltage and overcharges protection which ensure the safety of your devices. They also have a circuit to regulate the temperature of your smartphone. So, just make sure you find a fully certified and quality charging dock for Galaxy S10 for your Samsung Galaxy S10 or any other device and enjoy another wonder of the technology world. An invention meant to make your life, relaxed and hassle-free.

BelkinBelkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W - Qi Wireless ChargerCheck Price on Amazon
SAMSUNGSamsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless ChargingCheck Price on Amazon
AnkerAnker Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging StandCheck Price on Amazon
iOttieiOttie iON Wireless Fast Charging StandCheck Price on Amazon

* If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

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