5 Best White Noise Apps For Android

A good night’s sleep is very important.  But there are many things that can keep you from it.  White noise doesn’t resolve every one of those issues, but stress, loud street noises or tinnitus are just a few issues it can help to solve.  So here are a list of of the best white noise machines for your android device.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

This is a highly rated white noise app.  You can take sounds and blend them to a custom soundscape.  There are 50 great sounds to choose from on the free app and if you go premium you have over 100 to choose from.  You have your traditional white noise sounds like vacuum, fan, dryer. There are also Water sounds like rainstorm, ocean, lapping water.  There are meditation sounds like voices, instruments and ambient melodies. Nature sounds are represented with wind, rustling leaves, birds, fire.  And of course there are many, many more options. Additional features are a Bedtime reminder, a timer for the app so that it turns off after you have gone to sleep, and the ability to store your favorite sounds for easy access.

Download it now: Google Play

White Noise Generator

Relaxio has created a great list of sounds for you to drift off to sleep with.  You can mix and match sounds and then save them to your favorites. Sounds included are rain, rain on window, car, thunder, wind, forest, creek, leaves, fire, ocean, train, night, cafe, whitenoise, brown noise, and fan.  The sounds are high definition and are certain to sound wonderful on your device of choice. Another great thing about this app is that there are no advertisements to break up the white noise. Great if you are concerned about a sleeping child.

Download it now: Google Play

White Noise

TMSOFT worked to create a white noise machine that will help you out no matter what your situation.  There are a little over 40 sounds available on the app with the ability to buy more at their website.  The sounds are perfectly looped. You can record and loop your own sounds to use. This app can work easily with Chromecast.  You can mix the sounds you like together and mix the sounds volume, balance, and pitch to your personal taste. The screen for the app is a full screen digital clock with multiple color options and brightness control.  There are also advanced alarm and timer options with fade in and out allowing for natural sleep cycles to continue. Then after you create your white noise masterpiece, you can save it to your favorite page.

Download it now: Google Play

White Noise Baby

This highly rated app is by the same people that created the last app reveiwed but they have some additional features that are wonderful while dealing with a small child.  First of all the sounds are more focused towards a little one. Things like doppler ultrasound, conch shell, car ride and heartbeat are among the choices of sound. Also there are classical music tracks like Beethoven’s Fur Elise, Chopin’s Nocturne No 9, Mozart’s Sonata Facile, and Brahms Lullaby.  Baby mode has a notification to reduce interruptions. There is a baby monitor mode that will reactivate the white noise machine and timer if it hears your baby start to cry. An event log helps keep track of your baby’s sleep cycle. There is also a baby rattle mode that allows you to touch and shake the controls to help your fussy baby to quiet down again when out and about.  Upgrading removes all ads and enables background audio.

Download it now: Google Play

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

This free app has over 20 classic white noise sounds to choose from.  There are also 4 baby lullabies. There is also a timer with a soft fade out and infinite playbacks available.  The mixer allows you to choose the volume of each of your sounds in your personal mix. There are no full screen adds, and this app is able to be used offline so that you don’t have to maintain internet connection as you sleep.  Great option if you don’t want to pay.

Download it now: Google Play


There are a lot of different sounds and options out there for a white noise generator.  Depending on if you are looking for a personalized sound mixed by the tech enthusiast or just a simple machine to keep your child asleep away from home, there are a lot of great options on the market and something sure to fit almost anyone’s personal needs.