5 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers In 2020

Do you need a good quality speaker for your pool party, but are worried about the water ruining it? Maybe you need one to keep you going while you’re training for that swimming competition or just hanging out at the beach. Well, don’t fret because there are a ton of great Bluetooth speaker options with waterproofing features out there. If you stick with us, we’ll show you the top 5 best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

AmazonBasics Shockproof

First up on our list is the AmazonBasics Shockproof Bluetooth speaker. It isn’t only waterproof, but also shockproof and dustproof. That said, it’ll withstand all of the elements without destroying it, wearing it out, or making the sound distorted. That makes this Bluetooth speaker great for not only beach parties, but for any water-based activity, whether the be blasting some tunes during a shower or at the pool.

Another great feature is the battery life. Don’t let this thing fool you — it may be small, but at full charge, you can listen to 12 straight hours of non-stop high quality music. And finally, but not least, the AmazonBasics also allows you to make calls while using the speaker.

Kicker Bullfrog BF100

One of the many great features the Kicker Bullfrog has is the ability to float! The Kicker Bullfrog floats above water, which can help you hear it better while in the pool or hot tub. And, if you get the Kicker app, you can customize the speaker even more with lots of different equalizer options as well as other sound settings.

The Kicker Bullfrog comes with a built in microphone as well so you can take phone calls or listen to voicemails. This speaker even has the capability of working from 100 feet away, making it possible to go and talk to anyone you want to at the party without fear of the speaker disconnecting right in the middle of everyone’s favorite song.

Braven Ready Elite

The Braven Ready is a great speaker for groups and the outdoors, all due to it being louder than your average speaker. This lets you enjoy loud, clear music anywhere, whether it be outside or in large crowds of people, say, at a party. The Braven Ready comes with cast alloy tie downs to make it easy to attach to UTVs, boats, your car, etc. Another handy feature is the voice assistant, which allows you to make phone calls, control the volume level, and other neat functions.

Sony XB10

The Sony XB10 not only sounds loud, with crisp, clear audio quality, but it also has an astonishing 16 hours of charge when the battery is full. This should let you run through a rather large playlist. Calculating it, you should be able to run through almost 320 songs off a single charge, which will keep your party going throughout the night! This speaker was also built with extra bass capabilities, so you can really feel the beat on that one song you and your friends love jamming out to.

The Sony XB10 actually has 2 connectivity options — Bluetooth 4.1, and NFC. NFC is pretty unique as far as Bluetooth speakers, but it is essentially a quicker way to start playing music than Bluetooth, although it does take more battery life. It lets you quickly connect your phone to the speaker and instantly start playing your favorite playlists off of Spotify, iTunes Music or any of your favorite music streaming services.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Similar to the Kicker Bullfrog, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom floats above water, allowing you to let it float and play music in the pool, hot tub, or even at the beach! If it goes underwater, it’s rated for lasting about thirty or so minutes under 1m of water — after that, you risk damaging the speaker itself. This speaker also has 360-degree surround sound, so you get equally great sound no matter where you are in the pool. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is also drop proof to keep your speaker nice and safe if someone accidentally knocked it off a shelf or kicked it across the beach.

The speaker is great for other environments as well — you can use the strap to hang it somewhere or carry it around. The strap itself is very strong and reliable, which makes it really easy to carry around without the risk of dropping it. It’s also very light, so you can take the speaker anywhere with you without it feeling like it’s weighing you down.


Overall, all of the speakers on this list are terrific waterproof speaker options. They will work great, whether you’re outside in the pool, jamming to some nice hop music at a party, or inside enjoying some nice acoustic music during dinner. The extra bass on some of the speakers provide a nice, deeper beat to some songs. If you have to only select one, we’d recommend going with the Kicker Bullfrog, as it’s the most versatile!

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers