5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For iPhone 8

Video capturing technology is amazing, especially on Apple’s iPhone 8. The company seems to outdo itself every time they release a new iPhone (for example, the iPhone X’s camera is just outstanding). However, one thing that often plagues our videos is that we can never hold the camera still. Optical Image Stabilization works to help us in this situation, but it’s still not enough to create a cinematic-like video experience. That’s why you might want to try some extra hardware: a video stabilizing gimbal. These gimbals are simply outstanding, as they can turn your home videos into the smoothness that you would see in the theater.

iPhone Gimbal

If you want to transform your video capturing abilities, be sure to follow along below! We’re going to show you the top 5 video stabilizing gimbals you can get for your iPhone 8.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q

The first video stabilizing gimbal that you should consider for your iPhone 8 is the Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal. This piece of hardware can hold most phones weighing up to 200 grams (and a little more) and still give you smooth video. Much heavier than that, you start sacrificing stability, which won’t make your video look as bad as by hand, but it won’t be nearly as smooth as the cinema. It has some other neat features with it, a 12-hour battery, controls on the gimbal for controlling camera functions, such as timelapse, panoramic mode, start and stop video and a whole lot more. It has a neat auto-tracking feature, too.

The neat thing about this gimbal is that it has a 1/4-inch screw at the bottom of it for compatibility with tripods.

ViewFlex S Pro 3

The ViewFlex S Pro 3 is an excellent gimbal for the iPhone 8 as well. It handles the phone without a problem, and gives you access to a bunch of extra features if you download the ViewFlex companion app to go with the gimbal. Basically, you’ll get to use the remote features that come with the gimbal, zooming into objects, timelapse, shutter, start and stop video, etc. With this gimbal being built on a 3-axis system, you have multiple angles to choose from for filming video.

Movo Handheld Stabilizer

The Movo Handheld Stabilizer is great for those looking for a video stabilizing gimbal on a strict budget. This gimbal will do the same basic thing that all gimbals do: give you a stable place to set your phone so that you get shake-free cinematic video. Unfortunately, it isn’t powered (that’s just what comes with cheap gimbals), so you won’t get any neat remote features that let you control start and stop video features, shutter options, timelapse, etc. However, if all you want to do is transform your video into something smooth, the Movo Handheld Stabilizer will do just that.

Kamisafe AFI V2

Next, we have the Kamisafe AFI V2. The unique aspect of this video stabilizing gimbal is that it can handle really heavy phones. The iPhone 8 isn’t that heavy, but if you were to ever use this gimbal with something that is, the Kamisafe AFI V2 is a nice investment. It does have a really big battery, so it can take awhile to charge your gimbal up to full. However, it has all of the features that you would expect out of a gimbal: timelapse, shutter options, start and stop functions, anti-shake technology, you name it. Similar to the other gimbals on this list, a 1/4-inch screw sits at the bottom of it for easy access to a tripod.

Moza Mini-C

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Moza Mini-C. This gimbal does much of what every other gimbal on this list does, but gives you a battery rated for eight hours off of a single charge. Even with the Moza Mini-C, you’ll be able to get smooth, cinematic-like video.


As you can see, video stabilizing gimbals really aren’t unique from gimbal to gimbal; however, some are powered and others are not — that’s the only really big difference. If you’ve got the cash to spare, we do recommend going for one of the powered ones. They can be a pain to make sure they’re charged before a video shoot, but with all of the extra features they throw in (and on a remote, too) they’re well worth the price. It makes taking video a whole lot more efficient and with a whole lot less hassle, too.

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