5 Best Tower Defense Games For Pixel 3 XL

Want to get some gaming done on your Google Pixel 3 XL, but aren’t sure what to play? Well, if you’re waiting around for your next appointment or meeting, or are just looking to kill some time during lunch hour, then you might want to check out tower defense games for the Pixel 3 XL — these are a great no time commitment way to have some fun for a couple of minutes. Not only that, but they’re a great way to see how your Pixel 3 XL can handle a lot going on on the screen.

So if you want to put your Pixel 3 XL to the test, be sure to follow along with us below, as we’ll show you the best tower defense games for your Pixel 3 XL.

Realm Defense

Our number five favorite is a little tower defense game called Realm Defense. If you’re looking for an excellent cross between a tower defense game and a game with some adventure and story, this one will be right up your alley. You’ll ally up with Realm Defense heroes like Smoulder the Dragon and others to keep the realm safe from invading armies. Realm Defense allows you to buy towers and turrets with “coins,” which can also be upgraded. Be sure to strategically place your towers on the map, as Realm Defense gets increasingly difficult as you proceed through the game.

Download it now: Google Play

Tower Defense: NEXT WAR

Fourth up on our list, we’re looking at Tower Defense: Next War. If you want to play something a little more lifelike, then you definitely want to check out this title. This one is essentially putting you in the modern world, where you can keep your land safe from enemies by fending them off with tanks, turrets, and other modern forces. There’s tons of gameplay in Tower Defense: Next War, and it’ll keep you busy for weeks to come. There’s a wide variety of turrets that you can choose from, and there are even more upgrades that you can build.

Download it now: Google Play

Toy Defense Fantasy

If you’re looking for the ultimate fantasy reality, Toy Defense Fantasy is the game for you. This one puts you right in the middle of an immersive fantasy world that is safe for both adults and children to play. Toy Defense Fantasy is all about good, clean fun. That said, you build turrets and other fantasy towers in order to defend your kingdom against an onslaught of invading enemies. Toy Defense Fantasy actually keeps you really busy, as there are 96 difficult levels that you have to make your way through. Be sure to strategically setup your towers, as there are both air and ground forces that you have to defend against. Make sure to upgrade them, as enemies get increasingly difficult as you progress.

Download it now: Google Play

Tower Defense King

Second up on our list, we have a popular game called Tower Defense King. Tower Defense King actually has over five million installs — previously a paid-for game, you can snag this one for free off off of the Google Play Store. You have a total of 21 towers to choose from — 12 basic towers, and then 9 specialty towers. What really sets this game apart from the rest on our list is the magic abilities, allowing you to use mana to cast spells on your enemies. Tower Defense King has 25 different maps that you’ll play through, keeping each level fresh and exciting.

Download it now: Google Play

Sci Fi Tower Defense TD

Coming in as our number one contender, we have Sci Fi Tower Defense TD. This one is definitely one of the more unique choices on our list, , giving the game a science fiction feel. Dubbed as “For Gamers, By Gamers,” you have 31 different towers or “Sci-Fi modules” that you can choose from to keep the game unique and exciting. Towers can be upgraded to take on increasingly difficult waves of enemies, and different environments keep the game fun and exciting — there are actually a whole 80+ levels to keep you occupied for a good amount of time. This whole Tower Defense game is based around a science fiction world, giving you thinks like Tesla Towers to choose from, and unique enemies to fight.

Download it now: Google Play


There’s no shortage of tower defense games available for the Google Pixel 3 XL, as you can see — our favorite, obviously, comes in at the number one choice: Sci Fi Tower Defense TD. This one is a unique spin on the tower defense genre, whereas most tower defense games are throwing you into a fantasy world. Still, it’s worth giving each one of these a shot to see which one fits your personality the best.

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