5 Best Smart Fridges in 2020

A refrigerator is not what it used to be. Today, a refrigerator can help you browse the internet and even has its own apps in some cases. We’re talking about smart fridges of course, which have been available for quite some time now. However, given the sheer number of smart fridges available out there, it can be quite a difficult task to pick the best one suited for your preferences. Keeping this in mind, we’re going to help you make the decision. We’re taking a look at a vast list of refrigerators that have essential “smart” features built into them. Naturally, a smart fridge will set you back by quite a bit, but it’s equally important to get a refrigerator that can last you a while. With this in mind, let’s have a look at our list.

Best Smart Fridge

5 Best Smart Fridges


This is a 36-inch French door refrigerator, allowing you to store all the essentials before going on a long trip. It is important to note that DCS makes equipment for chefs, so what you’re seeing here is a professional unit that every professional chef would want in their kitchen. What’s striking about this particular unit is that it blends in perfectly with standard kitchen furniture with a cabinet like design. The onboard ActiveSmart technology keeps food fresh for longer intervals. Further, the glass shelves on the refrigerator cleans itself, keeping you safe from infections that could be easily triggered by food.

As you would expect, a fridge of this caliber will not come cheap. The DCS RS36A80JC1 will set you back by $4499, which as far as refrigerators are concerned, is pretty expensive. But if you’re looking for a quality refrigerator that can keep your food safe for prolonged intervals, this one has to be it.

Kenmore Smart 75043

This comes from popular manufacturer Kenmore and is a stunning looking French door refrigerator. The best part about this refrigerator is that it comes with a pretty decent set of features on board and is available in multiple colors. Naturally, Kenmore also offers you a dedicated app to control the features of the smart refrigerator, so you can stay away from home and still control its temperature and other settings. Other features of the refrigerator include an indoor ice maker, and an easy to navigate LED screen.

The refrigerator utilizes something known as Genius Cool, which comprises of a powerful compressor and two evaporators, ensuring enough cooling is maintained in the fridge as well as the freezer. It has a standard water filter on the front, but as a bonus, it’s big enough to accommodate water bottles and even some large pitchers, allowing you to store large amounts of cold water at once. To top off the feature list, the Kenmore Smart 75043 comes with support for Amazon Alexa, allowing customers to control its features using an Alexa device like the Echo. The refrigerator will set you back by $2,299.99, which includes free delivery and setup at your home.


Most refrigerators in this segment look pretty much the same, so there’s barely anything to distinguish between two competing units. However, the GE Profile is an exception to this rule. It is perhaps one of the few refrigerators out there that can offer you instant hot water, perhaps for coffee or another warm beverage of your choice. With the help of the GE Kitchen app, the user can control and schedule the storing of hot water in the fridge. Inside the fridge, the LED lighting allows users to see everything within the fridge.

As a bonus, the refrigerator offers the ability to use Alexa by default. This means you can tell Alexa to perform certain tasks with the fridge and she will happily oblige. It is an Energy Star certified refrigerator which runs efficiently, ensuring that your monthly bills don’t run up too high. The refrigerator can be bought on Amazon right now for $3,053.10. This refrigerator is pretty hard to beat as far as convenience is concerned. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.


This particular smart refrigerator is a godsend for people with large families and a lot of food to store in one day. Aptly named the FoodShowcase, this refrigerator has multiple compartments for fresh food and a large enough storage compartment. Frequently used items can be kept at the front for easy access. In terms of design, Samsung has put its best minds to work here. Metal cooling (FlexZone drawer) allows for contents to cool faster, although this is only available in some compartments. The device helps you save a lot of space, and has enough compartments to accommodate decent amount of food for the entire family.

This particular refrigerator will set you back by $2,688 right now on Amazon. It is available in a solitary grey color, which should blend in with most kitchen setups. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer any other colors for this particular offering.

Samsung Family Hub

This is perhaps the most advanced refrigerator of them all. It works as a Smart Hub, allowing you to interact with a number of SmartThings appliances. It comes with a large 21.5-inch display on board, allowing you to create multiple profiles and avatars. Profiles can then make custom reminders and schedules/to-do lists to keep in check with their diet and daily food intake. There’s Bixby Voice support as well, so you can choose to get updates about the fridge directly. Some of these features might only be available in the 2018 model, so be sure to get the right model if you want these features.

Among the never ending list of features is the ability to listen to music on Spotify. My favorite feature, however, is the ability to look inside the fridge using an accompanying Samsung Smart Home app. This feature alone makes it stand out from the rest of the refrigerators mentioned on this list. It’s currently selling on Amazon for $2599, which is a reasonable price for a refrigerator like this.

Best Smart Fridge