5 Best Signal Boosters For Cars In 2020

Have you ever dashed out of the house, phone to your ear, only to pull out of your driveway and have your important call disconnected? This can be frustrating, but it’s even more unfortunate that when you’re travelling or live in a specific area that seems to be a dead zone, you don’t have cell service when you need it the most.

Best Signal Booster For Cars

That’s why today, we’re sharing with you the best signal boosters for your vehicle in 2018. These fantastic products will help even out your signal, strengthen it, and even preserve the battery life of your phone, so you can say goodbye to dropped or missed calls.

weBoost Drive 4G-X RV

A bit pricey, this signal booster by weBoost, built for your car, RV, or motorhome, is completely worth the price. It can strengthen your cellular connection up to 32 times more than it already is, increase your upload and download speeds, lessen your dropped calls, and more. It will also extend the battery life of your phone, so not only can you have one continuous call without dropping, but you can also stay on the line longer because of the preserved battery life.

You’ll be able to use this signal booster, similar to the MobileForce, in the United States and Canada. It supports multiple devices, so all of your passengers can enjoy the better connection, too. On top of that, you’re going to get 7 full days of service support in case you run into snags during the installation process. With that, you also receive a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you’re on the fence about it, there’s really no risk involved!

SureCall Fusion2Go 2.0

This cell signal booster is definitely one of our favorites, and very advanced, all while extremely easy to set up and install. This will work with all carriers in North America, boosting your 4G LTE speeds up to consistency and sustainability.

One of the draws of this one is that it really does help, especially in remote areas. So if you know you’re going to take a trip or be travelling regularly to an area with spotty, next-to-nothing service, this option by SureCall may be a great product for you to check out.

SolidRF MobileForce

This great signal booster is guaranteed to strengthen the connection in your vehicle. It’s so simple to install and doesn’t come with a ton of random parts, which makes it easy for anyone to use, no matter their level of knowledge when it comes to technology and setting things up. If you’re looking for something simple but extremely effective, we definitely recommend taking a look at this one.

As for the specifics, one of the great things about this signal booster is that it will work with any carrier within the U.S. and Canada, so if you plan to do a bit of travelling, the SolidRF’s MobileForce can take you pretty far. This particular product will take your connection from rocky and unreliable to smooth and consistent in no time.

Proutone Car Cell Signal Booster

Are you not really sure you want to drop several hundred dollars on a cellular signal booster for your car? We completely understand the hesitation, especially if you think you might just need it for a single trip or something. That’s why we’re so eager to share this signal booster from Proutone with you today, because it’s just as effective, but far less to pay for, than the other items on this list.

For under $100, this signal booster antenna will work with a lot of different carries, and help you get the more consistent signal you’re hoping for within your vehicle. There are step-by-step instructions included in this kit, as well as 30 days to return it, 3 months to receive a free replacement if necessary, and a manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year. It’s really an unbeatable deal, especially if you’re looking for a simpler gadget to do the job.

Wilson Wireless Cellular Amplifier

This awesome product by Wilson is wireless, and works with all carriers within the United States, except for Iden/Nextel. No matter how many passengers you have who are also utilizing their mobile data, this will work for them and boost everyone’s signal up to 10 times more than your standard signal amplifier.

While this wireless amplifier does come with an interior antenna, it’s fairly compact, so it won’t be a distraction or an eyesore. The kit comes with everything you need in order to install it, and will ensure that you’re not dropping any more calls, and that your phone battery isn’t dying prematurely.


There’s an option on this list for everyone and every kind of situation, so if you struggle for a connection wherever you’re at or wherever you’re going, we definitely recommend looking into purchasing a signal booster for your car. And when you do, be sure to get back with us in the comments and tell us all about the product and your experience!

Best Signal Booster For Cars