5 Best Radio Apps For iPhone 11

So, you got yourself a new iPhone 11, you most certainly need the best radio app for iPhone. And with a new iPhone, you — of course — need some new tunes to listen to. Finding new songs — and content — to listen to can be difficult when many of the “top” billboard songs play on repeat for months at a time. Luckily, there are a lot of great ways — such as through radio apps — for finding new music, podcasts, and even talk shows.

Not sure what the best radio apps are for the iPhone 11? Follow along below, and we’ll show you a few of our favorite choices for Apple’s new affordable iPhone.

Best Radio Apps For iPhone 11

best radio app for iPhone

1) TuneIn Radio

You can never go wrong with TuneIn Radio. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs and talk shows with TuneIn Radio, but it’s great for music discovery as well. With over 100,000 radio stations, TuneIn has the largest selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world.

There are millions of on-demand programs and podcasts that you can listen to — plenty of new content to discover. As you might expect, you can listen to TuneIn Radio from anywhere — listen right from your phone, or hook it up to your car and listen just like a standard radio.

Between unique stations, talk shows, music, and podcasts, there is plenty of new content to find and discover. You can even bookmark them so that you don’t forget about them.

Download it now: App Store

best radio app for iPhone

2) iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio comes up next on our countdown. You aren’t going to get access to over 100,000 stations like TuneIn Radio, but there are still plenty of options that you’ll be able to tune your phone to. There are well over 800 radio stations that you’ll be able to listen to,

iHeartRadio is excellent for radio listening, but they’ve also tried to expand into on-demand streaming as well. That said, there are two subscription-based services to go with it — iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access.

You don’t have to sign-up for either of these, but it does bring more features to iHeartRadio. It’ll open up additional content to listen to, and there are features such as offline use, replay, playlists, and others.

iHeartRadio also has a podcast feature, so you can listen to talk radio-style podcasts, as well as standard podcasts.

Download it now: App Store

best radio app for iPhone

3) Apple Music

Up next, we’re looking at Apple Music. This one is usually already installed on your iPhone 11, but it’s still one of the best choices for discovering new music, podcasts, and talk radio. This one is primarily known for its on-demand music streaming, but it does open you up to talk radio and podcasts as well.

You will need a subscription to Apple Music for streaming the radio stations, but even with that subscription, you get access to all of Apple Music’s content.

Download it now: App Store

4) Radio.com

Radio.com comes up fourth on our countdown, but it still brings you tons of excellent content that you can discover. Whether you’re looking for new music, talk radio shows, or podcasts, Radio.com brings you plenty of songs and talk radio to listen to. Unfortunately, the FM radio chip in smartphones isn’t enabled, so you do have to have an Internet connection for its work. It’s not an actual radio, in the traditional sense.

Radio.com advertises over 300 radio stations and even over 1,100 podcasts. And worry not — new content is being added to Radio.com regularly, so there’s always new music and content to discover.

Radio.com is especially lovely if you want to listen to sports-style commentary —  you’ll be able to easily access radio stations and channels for MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and even college teams!

Download it now: App Store

5) Pandora

And finally, we have Pandora. Pandora is nice because it’s a personalized, curated radio station. After you sign-up for a free Pandora account, you can create a radio station based on a song, genre, or favorite artist that you like. Pandora will then start the radio station, and play songs based around your chosen song, genre, or artist.

You have a certain level of customization over your radio station. You can help create the station by pressing the thumbs up or thumbs down button to indicate liking or your dislike of a song. Dislike a song, and the station will never play that again. Like a song, and you’ll hear that song again in the future on your station, but it will also try to pull in similar songs.

Pandora also has its own “podcast” section now, so you can listen to podcasts and talk radio-style shows as well.

Download it now: App Store

Verdict on The Best Radio App for iPhone

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent radio apps that you can use with your iPhone 11. If music discovery is something important to you, any of these apps will do a great job of finding new songs to listen to. Whether you’re using Apple Music’s radio features or even TuneIn Radio, there are plenty of songs, talk shows, and podcasts that you can discover.

Do you have a favorite radio app for the iPhone 11? Let us know in the comments section below, and your suggestion may appear on our list in the future.