5 Best Photography Apps for Android in 2020

If you’re a budding photographer, you would know that post processing is as important as the art of taking actual pictures. Keeping that in mind, a good photographer is bound to have an excellent post processing software or app at their disposal. What about mobile photography? Well, knowing how mobile phones have amazing cameras today, mobile photography is an incredibly popular source of most pictures. So surely there must be some decent post processing app for your Android smartphone too?

Well, yes, there are a plenty of apps that help you modify or add that Midas touch to your photos. We’re going to talk about five of them today in an attempt to help you find the best apps suited for your liking. Some popular apps are being mentioned here as well, but we’ve made sure to talk about the best apps out there, so be sure to check them all out.

5 Best Photography Apps for Android


This app by Google has been around for quite some time and is undoubtedly one of the most preferred Android photo editing apps for me personally. It comes with all the tools necessary to edit your photos, and the best part is that users don’t need any complicated setup to get accustomed to. Even an amateur can learn the tricks of photo editing using Snapseed. The app can open both JPG and RAW image files, making it suitable for professional photographers.

Other editing features include the ability to selectively adjust the exposure, lighting and other aspects of a picture, giving all the controls to the user. Given that filters are a big part of photo editing, the app also comes with a wide selection of them, so you’re free to use whichever you like. Some older users complain that adding filters has changed around a few key settings, but it’s nothing that an average user can’t figure out.

Google touts this as a professional photo editing app, and we agree with Google. You can add deep bokeh effects to your images even if your cameraphone doesn’t support it. This, along with a combination of excellent usability and the features on board makes Snapseed one of the best photography apps out there. The app is free to download and is devoid of ads and in-app purchases. Snapseed is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing tools for desktops. Users will be pleased to know that they have a mobile version of their popular Lightroom app, helping you get all the goodness of photoshop using only your smartphone. This app is sold for free, although it might compel you to make an in-app purchase given that some features only work with the Premium license. Barring that, however, Lightroom CC is an excellent app to edit your photos, and users get granular controls at their disposal, allowing you to edit even the tiniest detail of an image.

The app also allows you to capture professional images from your smartphone, along with tips on how to improve your photos. This will surely increase the quality of your photos, while preserving the true nature of the images (.dng). One premium feature I particularly like is Adobe Sensei, which can detect where the photos were taken and auto-tag them using a combination of AI and geolocation. Getting the premium license also lets you store photos on the cloud that can be accessed from a variety of other platforms, including desktop web browsers.

As we mentioned, the app is free to download, but has in-app purchases. There are no ads, however. The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and up.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I open this app is its simplicity. VSCO offers a plethora of professional photo editing tools with a neat and slick user interface. VSCO offers several preset photo settings to help you get the best out of your pictures. There’s an additional subscription that needs to be purchased (known as VSCO X) which will unlock 100 additional presets to play around with. We feel it’s definitely worth the investment, especially if you’re serious about mobile photography. The app will even let you shoot proper movie style video clips thanks to the intelligent presets offered by the developers.

Existing users suggest paying for the yearly subscription of VSCO to use its features to the maximum. Its ability to edit your photos professionally by just using your smartphone is what impresses me the most about VSCO. As far as photo and video editing tools are concerned, there’s no doubt in my mind that VSCO tops the list. However, people do need to shell out some money before they get the aforementioned experience. This is perhaps the only negative. However, if you want to edit photos like a pro, it surely isn’t going to be free. The app and its preset filters can be downloaded for free, provided you have a device running Android 4.1 or higher. There are no ads on board.


This particular app is suited for Instagram professionals who upload a lot of pictures and videos on the platform. I say this because it comes with a wide range of filters and editing options catered perfectly for every active Instagram user. It comes with 27 filters by default, coupled by 14 filters curated from Instagram users, and a Seasons pack which comes with an additional 18 filters. The basic filters will be available for free, but you will have to make an in-app purchase of under $1 to unlock the rest of the features.

Users also get to control the size of the image as well as the resolution. This is a handy feature that can let you control the kind of images you get. The app is free to download, but has in-app purchase. Luckily for the users, there are no ads here. Be sure to check it out from the Play Store.


Voted as one of the best photo editing apps on iOS, SKRWT made its way to the Android platform much later. But it’s here now, and it’s carrying forward the good work done with our iOS brethren. The app lets you control each aspect of your photo and extensively edit the features that you like or don’t like. It also lets you correct the perception of images, which is helpful if you find that an image is crooked. Using clever inbuilt algorithms, the app can accurately calculate what to do make an image look good.

Regardless of which picture you want to edit, SKRWT has a solution for each image type. It comes highly recommended from a wide range of experts, so we highly recommend users to try it out. The app will set you back by $1.49, and there are additional in-app purchases worth considering. There are no ads here.