5 Best Multiplayer Games For Android in 2023

Got a new Android phone and want to see how well it does when you take it for a spin through some high-end Android games? Most phones will do well with these games, and flagship smartphones will fly through them, making them super smooth and responsive; however, the real test of your new Android phone is just how well it can handle multiplayer games, especially multiplayer games that need to handle a lot of connections or players all at the same time.

There are a lot of games on the Google Play Store that can do this, so it can be difficult to choose the perfect one to test your new Android phone out with. So, if you’re not sure of which one to play, be sure to follow along below. We’ve got out top 5 best multiplayer games for Android in 2018 listed!

Multiplayer Driving Simulator

First up on our list is Multiplayer Driving Simulator. The developer advertises this game as one of the most extreme car driving simulators on the Play Store. There are tons of different sports cars you can play as, and even some with a Turbo in the engine! You can crash it, drive as fast you can, burn the asphalt on the road, and just have fun with tons of other players.

There is no police in this game, and no traffic. So, you and your friends can just take the street, burn up the roads and have a ton of fun. Check the game out for yourself at the link below.

Download it now: Google Play


The Overload Multiplayer Car Game is another fun vehicle-based game that you should consider downloading and playing. The game itself is a whole lot of fun, as there is a racing aspect to it, but there’s also a combat element. You can enjoy racing through maps and also firing at other players to make your way to the top.

For even more fun, there’s actually three game modes included in this game. In Deathmatch, you take to the streets against five other players, and then in Team Deathmatch, you head into 3vs3 combat. There’s a Capture The Point mode as well, where you and your team work to control the area where the control point is.

Download it now: Google Play


Another fun multiplayer game that is well-rated is Mayhem. In Mayhem, you choose the mercenary you want to be (this can be a sniper, a run-and-gun assault class and a few other options), and then you can team up in 3v3 arena combat and see who comes out on top. There’s tons of upgradeable gear, abilities and some other elements that can make the game strategy very interesting.

New maps, mercenaries and special tournaments are always being added to Mayhem, so that you and your friends can have a ton of fun in Arena modes, Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill game modes. The game is completely free, but does have in-game purchases available to make the game quicker as far as progression goes.

Download it now: Google Play

War Machines

Next up, we have War Machines. If you’re looking for a game that has similar features and gameplay to the PC’s World of Tanks, then you’ll want to get War Machines downloaded on your smartphone or tablet soon. This is a fast-paced game, where, in some rounds, you are given three minutes to take down as many enemy takes as you can. You can battle armies from other countries as well, such as China, the USA, Russia, Japan and a few other nations.

The game includes iconic tanks from all over the world, giving you unique abilities and designs from tank-to-tank. You can choose to participate in team-based battles or in free for all.

Download it now: Google Play

War Wings

Last up on our list is a game called War Wings. Not a fan of tanks, but would rather take to the skies to fight enemy jets and planes? Then War Wings is the game for you. You can customize your war plane, and then when your done, take to the skies and make your air superiority known.

There are millions of players worldwide playing this game, so you can always be sure that you’ll be able to find online games. You can take your war plane into the sky, and get into dogfights with these other players.

Download it now: Google Play


So, which game should you pick up? They’re all free, so it doesn’t hurt to try them all. However, if your into planes more than you are tanks, we could recommend War Wings. If the opposite, War Machines is a great game as well. Or, if you’re a car guy, you can get into some serious fun in the Overload game.

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