5 Best Gaming Chairs In 2020

No gaming chair is created equally, and if you’re a gamer, you know that already. It can be hard to find a chair that offers everything you need it to when it comes to gaming. Gamers need a chair that’s going to provide comfort and back support for long periods of time. On top of that, because a person’s height can vary so drastically, adjustability is a must. Whether you’re short or tall or just wanting to get in a quick nap at an angle, adjustability can really change the game.

Best Gaming Chairs

With so many things you need in a chair, it’s good to shop around a bit and see what might fit your style best. That’s why today, we’re giving you 5 of the best gaming chairs out this year, so that you can peruse and hopefully find exactly what you’re looking for.

Amazon Basics

With this chair, the name really says it all. Providing a good amount of comfort and getting the  job done, this is an awesome option if you’re looking for something on the cheaper end of things but don’t want to sacrifice on quality. There’s nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair for any period of time, and Amazon recognized that when creating this chair, being sure to design something that was both cost-effective and comfortable.

You can get this leather chair from the Amazon Basics line in three colors: black, brown, or white, to fit the color scheme of your office. It swivels, has a height adjuster, and comes with a 12 month limited warranty. While this is really a standard office chair, it’s one you’ll get more than enough life out of over the years.

DXRacer Office Chair

This amazing office chair is borderline luxury, and has 11 different color combination options. Yes, eleven. Even though there is some assembly required (and can be done for you at your home for an extra fee), you won’t regret it once you sit in this chair. DXRacer cut no corners in the design, and truly thought of everything that gamers value most in a chair.

This is an ergonomically designed chair to ensure that no matter how long you’re sitting in front of your desk, you’re comfortable 100% of the time. The chair can be adjusted up and down, it reclines up to 135 degrees, and is firmly padded in the right places for spine ease and support. On top of that, the armrests can be adjusted to properly fit how you have the chair reclined. There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame, and 24 months on all the included parts.

Flash Furniture Executive Chair

This fancy chair from Flash Furniture comes in a bright, crisp white, with black details designed to match any office vibe. It has a high back with comfort in mind for your entire spine, not merely your lower back, which makes this a great option for gamers who like to spend a good amount of time raiding or playing with friends.

Another neat feature is the tilt-lock mechanism, which allows you to lock the chair in place in a tilted-back fashion if you’re looking to recline a bit. You’ll notice that the seat is a “waterfall seat.” This means the front is slightly downturned (to mimic a waterfall), which is carefully designed to promote blood proper blood flow. So not only is this chair comfortable, but it’s also apparently healthy too!

Flash Furniture Swivel Chair

Another one by Flash Furniture, but a little easier on the wallet than the previous one, this swivel chair by Flash Furniture comes with some fantastic electric color options. If your office is in desperate need of a pop of color, you can choose from vibrant blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, and red. There’s also some more neutral options, like classic black, as well as dark and light gray, and of course, white.

While this chair does not have a ton of padding, as the majority of the fabric is mesh, you can adjust the back of the chair up or down by 2 inches depending on your height for optimal support. It also has a triple paddle control mechanism, to change the height of each main part of the chair. This is a great chair if you’re looking for something a bit less bulky than your typical office chair.

GM Seating Ergolux Chair

Perhaps the most premium chair on this list, it also comes with quite the price tag. That being said, we’re pretty sure it’s a purchase you’re not going to regret, because the comfort and support of this thing rivals sitting on a cloud. The colors come in burgundy, brown, black, or white, and note that the price continues to climb with a couple of those colors.

The primary fabric of this chair is leather, and the armrests are considered 3D. They can be adjusted backwards, forward, up, down, and even at an angle if that’s what you’re looking for. Basically, every part of this chair is adjustable (it slides back with the touch of a button), and that even includes the headrest. This is an ergonomic chair that will make you sit down and not want to get up any time soon.


Whether your price range is tight or as big as you need it to be, you can get a quality gaming chair that will support you through the toughest of battles. Each of these chairs are going to offer you an optimal amount of comfort and adjustability. If you buy one or already have one, be sure to tell us all about it!

Best Gaming Chairs