5 Best Games Like Stronghold

Stronghold is a well known game among those who love strategy, city building, and commanding vast armies into battle. The game is one of the few titles that does excellent at managing all of those. At home. you get to build up your kingdom, collect resources, keep your peasants happy, set taxes, recruit soldiers, make weaponry and armour, and more. You can protect your kingdom with stone walls, archers, and other defensive structures. When you’re ready, you can take your vast army of soldiers and siege weapons to dominate your opponent!

It’s a great game, though it does have a pretty old graphics style. If you’re looking for a game similar to Stronghold, but with modern graphics, these are some of your best bets:

Total War: Rome 2

Total War: Rome 2 has some similarities to Stronghold; however, the game largely focuses on managing massive armies that you can use to conquest the world. Players will love Rome 2 particularly because they’ll get to take control of the Roman war-machine themselves — you’ll be able to campaign across multiple nations, and then dive right into real-time combat. Tens of thousands of men collide in bone-splintering detail that you directly control.

The highlight of this game is the all-new graphics engine. You won’t have to put up with the pixelated and low quality graphics of Stronghold — exotic ancient cities and colossal armies are rendered in incredible detail. On top of that, Rome 2 has some beautiful cinematic scenes.

Europa Univeralis

Coming up as number two on our countdown, we have a game that’s a little different — Europe Universalis.  You won’t be commanding thousands of troops on the campaign trail in this game. Instead, Europe Unviversalis focuses on the player building a thriving empire and economy, using politics to accomplish their agenda, and more — and all in the Reinsurance era. Players will be able to use their nation for true exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy. They’ll be able to use all of those mechanics to claim victory in the end.

Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts if Iron IV takes on some similarities to Europe Universalis; however, for folks that would seek out a more modern version of Stronghold, Hearts of Iron IV is for them, taking place during the World War 2 years. Hearts of Iron IV has a World War 2-era tech tree that you can advance through, and allows you to recruit soldiers, tanks, mortar, medics and more for the campaign trail. You’ll have to build up your nation’s civilization through tech advancements, economic progression, and diplomatic negotiations between other countries.

Hears of Iron IV also has one of the largest maps, giving you the entire world to play around in. Play as the United States of America in the west, play as China in Asia, play as Brazil in South America — any country is available to you in this large scale game.

Civilization VI

Coming up as number four on our countdown, we have Civilization VI. This is probably as close as you can get to Stronghold with the  modern technology that we have today. In Civilization VI, you start out with ancient technology as a nation of your choice, and can duke it out against friends, players online, or the computer. Choose your civilization, advance through its tech and civic trees. Choose to make war, or win the game through diplomatic and scientific means. With the expansion, you’ll be able to defend your civilization against natural disasters and even climate change.

You can recruit massive armies with Civilization VI, but the primary goal is to create thriving cities with excellent economies.

Command and Conqueror

Coming up in number five position on our list, but still an excellent game like Stronghold, we have Command and Conqueror. This takes place in a futuristic, modern world. You’ll collect resources, and use those to build up your military bases. Create thriving economies, upgrade your tech, recruit advanced and futuristic soldiers, take to the skies, and crush your enemies before you. As an added bonus, the game has some great cinematic content, as well as a creative story line that you can follow.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent alternatives to Stronghold. Sure, they aren’t carbon copies, but each one is unique in their own sense. The closest you’ll get to a game like Stronghold is probably either Total War: Rome 2 or Civilization VI.

Do you have any favorite games like Stronghold? Sound off in the comments section!