5 Best Games Like Firewatch

Firewatch is a beautifully artistic thriller, with amazing sunset sunrise forest fires and a mind boggling murder mystery to solve that keeps you enticed until the very end. Unfortunately, this game is quite short, leaving you wanting another exciting adventure with more enticing experiences. You still want to go on those crazy adventures, filled with opportunity to learn and enjoy new and invigorating adventures.

That’s why we’re going to show you all of our favorites games like Firewatch. Follow along with us below, and we’ll show you five of our favorites available today. Let’s dive right in.

Gone Home

Gone Home is a first person exploration walking simulator developed by The Fullbright Company. And released in the fall of 2013, it still provides an excellent experience even today. Gone Home provides a great narrative story, while exploring and examining the contents of the house. In this game you take the role of a girl in the 1990’s who’s just come home from a year abroad. She’s expecting to be welcomed home, but instead she finds your family is missing. That said, you must explore the house and examine items open cupboards doors and so on. You’re essentially looking for clues to find out just what happened to your now missing family. After you complete the game there is more than 90- minutes of documentary by the game developers, voice actors, and even the game’s musicians.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a first person action adventure parkour type game developed by DICE. Its plot focuses on protagonist Faith Connors’ origins. In this scenic action packed action role playing game, you take on the role of Faith, one of the fastest runners in the game. Faith ends up finding something she wasn’t supposed to, and now the antagonist/oppressor Gabriel Kruger is ruthlessly hunting her down to stop her before she stops him. As you run through the rooftops, you learn of the 3 evil corrupt hierarchies that control the city whilst a constant battle for power is waging on between them in the background. You must bring this evil down, giving you lots of amazing gameplay and action to keep you enticed for the longevity of its story

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a first person survival game developed by Hinterland Studio. The player takes the role of a crash landed pilot who must survive the frigid Canadian wilderness after a wintery global disaster. In the Long Dark you take on the role of an airplane pilot who’s been hired to fly some important package across the country, although the disaster ends up stalling the plane and you crash in the middle of the wintery woods. Later you wake up cold, hungry, and thirsty, though now you have to find means of survival, such as food, warm clothes, supplies to start fires, and other stuff to protect you against local wildlife such as wolves and bears.

The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game developed and published by Thekla Inc. It was released in January 2016, but it is still a ton of fun even today. This game was developed by an artist with an ambition, and it shows! You are thrust onto an island in the middle of nowhere. Not knowing who you are, or where you came from, you must discover how to get home, and unlock the secrets of your past. The game itself is majorly based around puzzle solving, many of which can prove to be quite difficult. With an artistic and light-hearted story, this one an easy one to grab and take your mind off of some of the dark stories recently released.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a science fiction third person shooter game developed by Remedy Entertainment. The game was released in April of 2016, and still is a fun one to play today. Quantum Break has an amazing cinematic like combat system, which can feel very powerful. This game progresses in acts, and each act actually starts with a video, which gives a nice background story. It gives this game a strong structure and foundation, really immersing you in the story.

There are lots of different story choices you can make during this game as well giving it nice replayability, since choices always affect how the game plays out. This game gives the player many great time bending powers to use against his foes, which can make this game much more enjoyable and exciting.


Firewatch has great scenery and an amazing mystery story behind it, and many of us were left sad with no more puzzles to solve, and so i went hunting for other titles for us to occupy our time with. All of you will likely find multiple titles from this list for which to occupy your time with.

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