5 Best Galaxy Tab S3 Alternative In 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is looked on as one of the best tablets available on the Android operating system. Samsung has worked hard to bring luxury and performance together to create an attractive product a la the iPad. They’ve done well at this — the Galaxy Tab S3 is without a doubt a sleek product, but the Android market has always been abysmal. Products might look sleek, but tablets like this traditionally have poor support and don’t age well. That said, if you’re not into what the Galaxy Tab S3 has to offer, there are plenty of alternatives out there, and some of which have much better support. Follow along below, and we’ll show you our top picks!

Galaxy Tab S3 Alternative

Google Nexus 9

First up, we have the Google Nexus 9. If you’re looking for a stock Android experience with a moderate, more casual design, you’ll want to check out what the Google Nexus 9 has to offer. There is a lot packed into this 8.9-inch tablet, including the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor package. That said, the Nexus 9 is more than capable of doing some heavy lifting with some of the more demanding applications out there. And with 2GB of RAM, you’ll be able to fly through any multi-tasking that you need to do. The tablet has a 6,700mAh battery packed inside, so depending on use, you should be able to get at least a couple days out of this before needing to charge up again. Sure, the Nexus 9 might not come with the stylus, but it still makes a great Tab S3 replacement.

Apple iPad Pro

If you want a direct Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 replacement, we recommend going with Apple’s iPad Pro. This is the best of the best that Apple can offer inside of tablet. They’ve packed two processors into this tablet, one designed for handing all of your regular heavy lifting, and then another for use with the Apple Pencil. Called the motion co-processor, this chip is designed to make movements more fluid and natural with the Apple Pencil. It handles the math of a bunch of other related features as well.

This tablet is really nice because of the real estate you get. This tablet is equipped with a massive 12.9-inch display, perfect for viewing media, handling business applications, drawing, and so much more.

ASUS ZenPad 3S

ASUS has packed a lot into the ZenPad 3S. In this tablet, you can see that they’re working very hard to bridge the gap between tablet and laptop. You get a 9.7-inch 2,048 x 1,536 display with ASUS TrueVivid technology for a better picture. Packed in this tablet is two processors — one dual-core Cortex ARM processor at 2.1GHz, and a second quad-core CPU clocked at 1.7GHz. Suffice to say, you’ll fly through tasks with the ZenPad 3S. 4GB of RAM will get you excellent multitasking capabilities, and 64GB of storage space will leave you plenty of room for photos, video, and your favorite apps.

Apple iPad

Not a big fan of all the extra hardware needed to make the Apple Pencil work? Or, maybe you don’t like the gigantic laptop-size display. If you’re looking for a more traditional tablet experience, Apple also offers its original iPad with the latest top of the line hardware. You can breeze through any tasks you might have with this machine, and the smaller display makes it just a little bit more portable than usual. A big battery will make this tablet last for days, and you’ll always be on the latest version of iOS because of excellent hardware support from Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Last, but certainly not least on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. If you can’t afford all of these high-end tablets, and they do all cost hundreds of dollars, you might want to consider the Samsung experience in the Galaxy Tab A. It sports mid-range hardware, so it’s substantially less expensive, but it’s still able to fly through tasks with its fast Exynos 8032 processor. It’s got an 8-inch high definition display for viewing great media, and 2GB of RAM to make multitasking easy. A big battery will keep you powered for days on end.


If you’re looking for a good replacement to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, any of these tablets will do just fine; however, if you’re looking for a direct replacement, the Apple iPad Pro is probably the closest you can get.

Galaxy Tab S3 Alternative