5 Best Free Movies Apps For Moto G7

Looking for free movies and TV shows that you can watch on your phone? That isn’t always easy to get, with many streaming services costing you anywhere between $10 and $15 per month. However, if you don’t want to pay that, what’s out there for you? You obviously still want to watch movies and TV shows, but without the high cost associated with different subscriptions.

The good news is that there’s a variety of free websites and applications where you can watch movies and TV shows without the cost. Not sure what those are? Here are a few of our favorites that you can quickly access on the Moto G7.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an excellent choice to use with your Moto G7, opening up a library of thousands of free movies and TV shows. There are no credit cards or subscriptions required — it’s one hundred percent free. All of the streaming is entirely legal as well — you won’t be committing any illegal acts. Tubi TV still licenses all of this content, but pays for it in other ways that still makes the platform free to use.

What we really like about Tubi TV is it isn’t your average free platform — they actually have award-winning movies and TV shows on here.

Download it now: Google Play


Netflix might be a pay-for subscription, but there’s actually a lot that you can do to use Netflix for free. You can use their free trials, using different email accounts to keep it free. Not having to pay for a platform with tons of awesome movies and TV shows on it? Sounds amazing, right? If trials don’t work for you, there’s some other options still available to you, too.

Another way that you can get Netflix for free is through promotions that you can obtain from your carrier. Sometimes carriers will offer you a free year of Netflix by adding a new line or moving to their service.

Download it now: Google Play


Popcornflix is one that many haven’t heard of, but it’s still an excellent platform for free movies and TV shows. You can download it for free from Google Play, or you can head on over to their website to just stream from there.

To get started with Popcornflix, all you need to do is create a free account. No credit card or payment information necessary.  It’s all perfectly legal as well, since Popcornflix still licensees content from media publishers and filmmakers like any other platform. That said, the money still has to come from somewhere, so all of the content is ad-supported.

Download it now: Google Play


Crackle is another one that you may have not necessarily heard of. It’s essentially Sony’s own take on creating its own Netflix platform, but has starkly different content on it. Since Crackle is still relativelty new and gaining steam, Sony is offering the service up for free. You can download it on your Moto G7, and even find it on any game consoles or streaming devices.

There aren’t a whole lot of digital rights contracts associated with Crackle, so there isn’t a whole lot of popular shows and movies. You can still watch content like The Karate Kid or Seinfeld, but you won’t find a whole lot of offerings from say, AMC, on this service.

Download it now: Google Play

Pluto TV

It might come up last on our countdown, but Pluto TV is another one of our favorites. Pluto TV is a way that you can watch tons of free movies and TV shows straight from your Moto G7. Pluto TV doesn’t just have random, independent movies — the platform boasts of allowing folks to stream a lot of hit and award-winning movies and TV shows, too.

Pluto TV allows you to watch free local TV as well, but it will be have to be in an area that is supported by Pluto TV. You can check for sure that it’s supported in your area within the app, and can even donate to help them expand their service across the United States.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, we have a variety of free movie apps that you can use on the Moto G7. These can either be downloaded to your phone, or even accessed by typing in the URL in your phone’s browser. Either way, the most that will be required of you is to register an account — none of these sites will ever ask for payment information like a card or subscription.

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