5 Best Floorstanding Speakers in 2020

Floorstanding speakers are a lot bigger and often a lot more expensive than bookshelf speakers, but they have a few important advantages that make them a good buy for anyone who’s looking for amazing listening experience.

Best Floorstanding Speakers

Typically, floorstanding speakers have a greater depth and lower bass extension. They are also able to push more air and thus create that physical sensation that so many bassheads and movie buffs crave. Finally, floorstanding speakers tend to have a much wider soundstage, giving you the impression that the sound is coming from all around you, instead of from a middle of somewhere.

Best Budget: Polk Audio T-50

Polk Audio T-50 are affordable, enthusiast-grade floorstanding speakers with 1-inch silk dome tweeter, one 6.25-inch extended throw composite driver, and two performance tuned front-firing sub bass radiators. Combined with the acoustically-inert, furniture-grade MDF cabinet construction, the Polk Audio T-50 floorstanding speakers deliver clear sound with ample bass and a surprising level of detail. Because every Polk Audio T-50 speaker comes with an integrated support base that minimizes vibrations, the installation is a breeze regardless of whether you place your Polk Audio T-50 speakers on carpet or a hardwood floor.

Best Low-End: Elac Debut F6

Even though the Elac Debut F6 floorstanding speakers belong to the low-end category in terms of their price, what they offer doesn’t have much in common with the typical notion of what low-end is. Leveraging over 90 years of audio engineering expertise, the Elac Debut F6 feature several high-end components to deliver a true audiophile-grade experience. The entire enclosure has been expertly engineered for maximum sound quality, with thick MDF outer walls and a luxurious textured vinyl finish. Two dual flared vents reduce air turbulence, and a 10-element crossover optimizes performance and blending between the drivers for superior accuracy. Thanks to these and other design decisions, the Elac Debut F6 are one of the most naturally sounding floorstanding speakers in the low-end price category.

Best Mid-Range: MartinLogan Motion 20

With their glossy finish, the MartinLogan Motion 20 are both a striking visual statement and high-performing floorstanding speakers. These beloved speakers feature MartinLogan’s advanced resolution Folded Motion tweeter, dual 5-1/2-inch aluminum cone woofers, as well as a powerful rear-firing bass port. Combined together, the sound coming from the MartinLogan Motion 20 is full-bodied, crisp, and room-filling, making the speakers excellent for music, movies, and video games. You can either finish the look of the MartinLogan Motion 20 floorstanding speakers with the included signature MartinLogan perforated grille or leave the intimidating speaker drivers exposed.

Best High-End: SVS Ultra Tower

The SVS Ultra Tower floorstanding speakers are considered by many to be the best floorstanding speakers with a three-figure price. They feature two opposing 8-inch woofers that deliver deep and highly accurate bass, dual 6.5-inch midrange drivers with best-in-class sensitivity for natural representation of human voice, and one aluminum dome tweeter with pinpoint accuracy and effortless delivery of the highest frequencies. A great harmonic balance is achieved with the intelligent SVS SoundMatch 3.5-way crossover, which creates an expansive, yet focused and precise soundstage. The enclosure of the SVS Ultra Tower floorstanding speakers underlines the awe-inspiring sound quality with its striking angles that please the eye as much as the speakers please the ear.

Best Premium: KEF R500

Founded in 1961, KEF has a long tradition of producing expectations-defining audio products, and the KEF R500 floorstanding speakers are not an exception. The speakers feature KEF’s Uni-Q driver array to fluently produce both high- and mid-frequencies and deliver sound that inspires the imagination. The entire speaker cabined of the KEF R500 has been optimized to ensure that your audio stays true to the original material by minimizing resonance and coloration. The cabinet sits on an aluminum plate supported by four steel spikes to eliminate vibrations even on very uneven floors. Besides working great in a stereo configuration, the KEF R500 are also suitable for surround sound setups.

Best Floorstanding Speakers