5 Best Chess Game App For Android in 2020

Chess is one of the most exciting yet frustrating games out there, but with the best android chess app, it becomes easier to play. It might not be as popular as conventional board games, but given the amount of effort and mental exercise that chess requires, it’s highly regarded as one of the most skillful games out there. So to master the game is not an easy job. There are hundreds and thousands of players out there who play chess everyday. So how do you get on par with these players? Well, by practicing repetitively of course. There are a variety of games and apps for aspiring chess players that can greatly improve their chess game.

For those who already have a proper understanding of chess, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t spend some time playing against other players worldwide or with their friends. We are also going to talk about apps that could help you when you’re playing chess using a proper board and want to keep track of the time. There’s also an app that helps you learn some new tactics in chess to entrap other players in your maze. There’s something here for everyone.

Our Best Chess Game App For Android Review

best android chess app

1) Chess – Play & Learn

Just as the name suggests, this app helps you learn the basics of chess and then go on to reach big heights by playing the game. You can play with real players worldwide and even interact with them during the game, adding more spice to your chess matches. You can even play against AI or computer to hone your skills before you play against real opponents. The computer will also analyze where you went wrong and help you make the required adjustments to avoid any mistakes in the future.

The app comes from chess.com, which has a large number of users and chess players. You can even log in to their forums to get detailed knowledge on the game or simply discuss aspects of this particular app. There are over 20 themes and boards to choose from, so there’s no dearth of quality environments to play this game in. If you’re an absolute amateur to the game, you can gain a lot of knowledge using the in-app video tutorial. This is also the best app we can recommend to simply sit back and enjoy a game of chess with your friends or family. The app is free, but there are ads and in-app purchases on board. You will require an Android smartphone or tablet with at least version 4.4 or above to run this particular game.

best android chess app

2) Play Magnus

This game is designed to play like grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, which means you will have to seriously up your game in order to beat Magnus. The game doesn’t involve Carlsen playing himself, but an algorithm which has analyzed Carlsen’s playing method and built an AI version of it. Needless to say, this isn’t your run of the mill chess game. It currently offers single player gameplay, although the developers mention that multiplayer support will be included soon. Select players can even qualify to play Magnus live at a secret location every year.

If you feel your chess skills are through the roof, we highly suggest you to try out this particular game. In addition to letting you improve your skills, there’s also the added bonus of playing with the chess world champion himself. Nothing can beat that. The app is free to download, but some features require the users to make an in-app purchase. Luckily, there are no ads here, so you can continue playing naturally without ads interrupting your flow. The app has been downloaded nearly a million times, which tells us that it’s quite popular out there. As far as compatibility is concerned, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with Android 4.0.3, you should be good.

best android chess app

3) DroidFish Chess

Based on the rugged Stockfish chess engine, DroidFish offers the same set of features, but with a unique set of boards and themes to choose from. You can even add or remove chess engines of your choice from the list provided by the developer. The user interface is pretty basic, which is not particularly a concern since the game doesn’t depend too much on visuals. There is a dedicated clock on board here, making it that much more similar to a regular chess game.

Certain smaller functions like vibrate and sounds can also be controlled by the user. These modes can be set so that the user is notified accordingly when the computer makes a move. It’s a little unconventional compared to other chess games here, and sometimes that’s what we really need from a mobile game. The game lets you import, export or edit PGN of your choice. DroidFish is a free Android game, and has no in-app purchases or ads on board. It is updated frequently by the developer so you can be assured of getting information about new features periodically.

best android chess app

4) Chess Clock Time Control

This doesn’t have a game within itself, but the app instead gives users the ability to get a clock for real world chess games. The entirety of your phone’s display is converted into a clock, so you don’t have to worry about visibility. This is a completely different app from the ones we’ve mentioned above, but is equally useful given that keeping a timer on your matches is always important. The player simply has to tap on their side of the screen when they finish making a move, just like they would on a proper chess clock. There are conveniently placed pause and reset buttons on the display. Users are advised to be careful here as they might accidental tap the pause or recent button after finishing a move. Since this is a pretty basic app, the developer doesn’t want to make any benefit off it. It can be downloaded for free, and there are no in-app purchases on board. The game is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and above.

5) Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

This app gives you insider knowledge of chess by giving you puzzles to solve. There are various levels to choose from, so you can try out this app regardless of your expertise. The puzzles are made available everyday to make sure you remain hooked onto the app. There are a variety of board themes to choose from as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored of the board arrangement after prolonged interaction with the game. The game works just as advertised, and the developer takes great pride in the fact that there are no problems or unnecessary slowdowns with the game. It’s free to download, although you will have to deal with ads. There are in-app purchases, however, to make your lives a whole lot easier. The best android chess app is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and above. The developer has optimized this game for both smartphones and tablets, so there’s a whole lot of fun to be had if you own a bigger device.