5 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters In 2020

Do you have a home or office space that’s in desperate need of a better cell signal? If the connection in your cell space is constantly spotty or nonexistent, this may be a sign that you need to invest in a good signal booster. This will usually be mounted on a wall, and all signal boosters will accommodate a certain size building. Here’s the top 5 best cell phone signal boosters.

Verizon Signal Booster

weBoost Connect 4G-X

This cell phone signal booster is a workhorse. If you are used to having a connection that’s barely worthy of being called a connection, we highly recommend you take a closer look at this one by weBoost to help your home in a better place signal-wise. This will boost your signal up to 32 times more than what it usually is.

The Connect 4G-X will also accommodate a building size up to nearly 8,0000 sq ft. So whether you have a large home, small home, small office, or large office, you really can’t go wrong here. It’s compatible with every network in the United States, and perhaps one of our favorite features is that it specifically is always changing your connection (in a good way) to provide you with the most it possibly can.

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SureCall Fusion4Home

SureCall’s Fusion4Home signal booster is a great way to strengthen the cell phone signal within your home. Not only are you going to love all the benefits of having this signal booster for your cell phone (more on that in a minute), but perhaps most of all, you’re going to love how easy it is to set up. No one likes to try to figure out which cable goes where, and what sequence this or that needs to be started up in, etc., and with this, you you can say goodbye to all of that.

This particular system by SureCall will accommodate a home or office up to 3,000 sq. ft. It can support the data usage weight of many users at once, and works will all carriers in North America. When in use, you’ll notice that your signal is no longer spotty in different places within your home, and hopefully you’ll be saying hello to no dropped calls.

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Phonelex Signal Amplifier

If you’ve seen the price of some of the other signal boosters on this list and are reeling at the prices, we understand. That’s why we wanted to include the Phonelex Signal Amplifier, because sometimes you just don’t want to drop a ton of money on something, especially if you haven’t used one before or aren’t sure how it will work for your own household.

What we really love about this signal booster is that it truly is great quality, without being over the top on the price scale. For just barely over $100, you’re going to get a signal amplifier that works with most popular carriers within the United States. That includes T-Mobile, AT&T, Alltel, Cricket, and more (note: excluding Nextel). This is a really great, affordable option to begin with.

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weBoost EQO

This is another one by weBoost, and another very affordable option, similar to Phonelex. It’s very reliable, and will work with all carriers within the United States. This is available so cheaply because it only guarantees coverage up to 500 sq. ft., but for many people, they won’t need more than that. Whether you live in a small apartment, or a larger home but you want to fix a specific dead zone, then this is a great option.

Another neat thing we’d like to note is that this is easy to install. Not only is there a helpful manual included, but there are also video tutorials you can watch to ensure you get it right the first time. If you follow the steps, and even take a look at the troubleshooting tips, your signal booster should be up and running in no time.

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SureCall Fusion5X

Brace yourselves, because this is the biggest, baddest cell phone signal booster on this list. Whether you’re tired of smaller signal boosters not doing the job, or you really do have a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse or business in need of a strengthened signal, the SureCall Fusion 5X is up for the challenge. And we weren’t joking: this really will cover up to 20,000 sq. ft. of space (we know, we were shocked too).

This signal booster is going to work with any carrier in the United States and Canada. If the price makes you hesitate, you can rest assured that this beast is covered under a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, and is FCC approved.

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Whatever building or budget you’re looking to accommodate, this list has a little bit of everything, so there’s something for everyone. Do you plan on purchasing one of these products? We’d definitely be interested in hearing your feedback on the product in the comments section.

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