5 Best Bluetooth Earpiece In 2020

Sometimes you need to be able to talk to people on your phone in the car. Unfortunately, that can be quite difficult when you’re trying to concentrate on driving. That, or your State has or is trying to make it to use your mobile phone in the car at all. Luckily, there is hardware available that let’s you talk without inhibiting your driving — you won’t have to pick up your mobile phone at all. With a good Bluetooth Earpiece, you should be able to easily pick up and end calls, and even adjust volume levels. And with hands-free assistant technology we have today, it shouldn’t be difficult to use voice commands to call people in your contact list.

Best Bluetooth Earpiece

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best Bluetooth earpieces you can get. Here are our top picks.

Plantronics Explorer 50

First up, we have the Plantronics Explorer 50. This Bluetooth Earpiece has an over-ear design that rests behind your ear. It connects up seamlessly to your smartphone over Bluetooth 3.0. It charges up rather quickly, giving you up to 11 hours of straight talk time. If you put it into Deep Sleep mode when not in use, the battery can last up to three months before needing a charge again. Audio quality comes through crisp and clear, and audio quality going over the mic should be clear as well.

Comexion Wireless Earpiece

The Comexion Wireless Earpiece is a neat piece of equipment as well. It attaches to your ear by way of an earhook, with a earpiece that fits in your ear for audio out. It has a boom mic that’s on an adjustable arm for exact positioning. It comes with three different earpiece sizes, so you’re sure to get one that fits your style of ear. It has crystal clear audio and a long lasting battery life. What might be one of the best features of this earpiece is its smart capabilities — the Comexion Wireless Earpiece is able to seamlessly work with Siri, Google Assistant and the like to call people in your contacts list without ever having to pick up the phone. It’ll even voice announce someone who is calling your, or at least the number if it isn’t in the contact’s list.

FocusPower F10

Maybe you want something that’s really low profile. For that, consider what the FocusPower F10 has to offer you. It fits right in your ear, just like, say, the Apple AirPods would. The microphone doesn’t even reach close to your mouth; however, with it being a high quality mic made of premium material, it’ll be able to pick up your voice without a hitch. Audio that comes through is crystal clear, and your mic should be crisp and clear as well. A single charge will get you around six hours of straight talk time before needing another charge.

Toorun M26

The Toorun M26 functions similar to that of the Plantronics Explorer 50. It has a ear hook that hooks around your ear, and then the mic and earpiece are one complete unit. The earpiece fits in your ear, and then the microphone protrudes down towards your mouth for maximum mic quality. One of the neat things about the Toorun M26 is that it has noise cancelling technology. So, even though it’s a relatively small earpiece, paired with noise cancelling tech, you should be able to hear the person on the other end loud and clear. There’s a button on the earpiece for taking calls and ending calls for hands-free use.

KLOKOL Bluetooth Earpiece

Last, but certainly not least, we have the KLOKOL Bluetooth Earpiece. This earpiece is similar in shape and size to the Toorun M26 and the Plantronics Explorer 50. One of the areas it excels in is battery life: a single charge should be able to get you a whole twenty hours of straight talk time. And, of course, there’s a button on the earpiece for taking and ending calls without ever having to pick up your smartphone. Just like the Toorun M26, it has noise cancelling technology built-in, so you should be able to hear folks without a hitch. Even without that, audio quality is crisp and clear.


As you can see, there are a lot of great Bluetotoh earpieces on the market right now, and at an affordable price point. Choosing the right one depends on what style you’re into: do you want a full-size earpiece with the earhook, or would you rather have an earpiece that just fits inside your ear? The choice is ultimately up to you, but no matter what you get, you’re getting a quality piece of hardware here.

Best Bluetooth Earpiece