5 Best Bass Headphones In 2020

We’ve shown you headphones before that provide you with crisp, clear sound quality. When headphones focus on this, you usually won’t get a thumping bass. That’s because  a bass like that and clear sound quality don’t usually go hand-in-hand. That’s because, as far as audio and sound quality go, a booming bass usually isn’t in that factor. Audio makers try to put in just enough for accurate sound quality across the board without going over the top. That said, if you’re looking for headphones that will give you that heart-thumping feeling when your favorite rap song comes on, you need a specific pair of headphones.

Bass Headphones

So if you’re ready to get a pair of headphones that will really emphasize the bass in your favorite songs, follow along below. We’ve put a list together of the best bass headphones on the market — here are our top picks!

Audio-Technica SonicPro

If you’re looking for something with a good bass and that looks good for wearing around in public, look no further than the Audio-Technica SonicPro. These headphones have a really sleek design and are comfortable to wear. The earpads are made out of plush memory foam material, and then you also get a padded headband. Several color options are available, including Black and Gun Metal Gray. There are 45mm TrueMotion drivers built into these headphones to not only make them sound good, but also provide a booming bass. There’s even a microphone built into these headphones so that you can take calls on the go. Keep in mind that these are wired headphones and won’t work over Bluetooth.

Sony XB95ON1

Next up, we have the Sony XB95ON1 headphones. These headphones sound great, offering you some excellent quality. Sony has packed some excellent bass capabilities into these headphones, so you shouldn’t have a problem with getting that heart-thumping bass in your favorite rap and rock songs. These headphones are fairly pricey, and that’s because their sound quality is unmatched; however, you can also connect these up to your smartphone by way of Bluetooth and near-field communication. Not only that, but you get a massive battery life off of a single charge — a whole 22 hours of straight music playback. There’s noise cancelling technology packed into these headphones, which keeps ambiance out of your music. Sony has built something into these headphones called Extra Bass — when this feature is on or touched, the headphones automatically enhance the frequency at the low-end, giving you that heart-thumping feeling.

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100IS

Next up, we have another pair by Audio-Technica. They don’t have any particular name, but go by the model number of ATH-WS1100IS. If you’re looking for wireless headphones, this pair isn’t for you. These are wired headphones that connect over 3.5mm, which means you’ll get the best audio quality possible, as you won’t have any wireless delays or interference. These headphones have some massive 53mm Deep Motion High Res drivers for pushing the best audio quality possible, all while giving you that deep, thumping bass. These headphones feel really high quality, as they’re made out of a nice aluminum material.

Cowin E7

The Cowin E7’s aren’t bad performers either. Folks looking for a wireless solution will love these headphones, as they connect up over Bluetooth. A single charge will get you a whole 30 hours of battery life, and with noise-cancelling technology packed inside, you won’t get any outside ambiance distorting your music. These are considered to be professional studio headphones, so you shouldn’t have any trouble listening to every ounce of detail in your music. The headphones are super comfortable as well, made out of what Cowin calling a “skin technology.” The headphones are designed for all-day use, so you’ll love how comfortable these earpads are.

SkullCandy Crusher

Last, but certainly not least on our list are the SkullCandy Crusher. These over the ear headphones are extremely comfortable with memory foam material built inside the earpads. Dual full range 40mm drivers ensure that you get great sound quality. Turn them up for a booming, heart thumping bass — these are designed to give you a bass that you can feel. These are wireless headphones, and there is a microphone built-in, so if you need to, you can take phone calls on the go.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent headphones out there, even for those that love turn up the bass. If you’re looking for only the best, the Sony XB95ON1 won’t steer you wrong whatsoever.

Bass Headphones