5 Best Android Keypad In 2020

Keypads can be extremely useful in a lot of different scenarios. Maybe you’re sitting down to do some accounting or bookkeeping and just don’t like using the digital calculator on your smartphone or tablet. Or, maybe you need a number pad or keypad to insert numbers easier into the program you use for keeping the books. No matter what you plan to use a keypad for, the physical hardware can be super useful, not having to navigate all those numbers and letters on a digital keyboard. On a keypad, it’s all right there in front of you. Not only that, but other style keypads can make it easier to navigate Smart TV software instead of trying to fiddle around with a remote.

Android Keypad

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best keypads that you can pick up for Android. Here are our top picks.

7Lucky Bluetooth Android Number Pad

First up on our list is this Jelly Comb Bluetooth Android Number Pad by 7Lucky. This is through and through a number pad, only giving you the numbers 0-9 for financial accounting. There aren’t any letters on this keypad, so it really is purely for bookkeeping and the like. It’s a 28-key keypad, so you do have access to other shortcut keys as well. It connects up to your phone over Bluetooth, so no wires are involved. It’s powered through two AAA batteries, which aren’t included with your purchase of this keypad. Turn it on/off to preserve life, but there is an auto sleep mode after 15 minutes to maximize battery life.

iTouchBerry Mini Keyboard Touchpad

The iTouchBerry Mini Keyboard Touchpad is more of a unique Android keypad, taking on a remote form. The iTouchBerry Mini Keyboard will work flawlessly with Android, helping you with all of your number needs; however, the iTouchBerry Mini Keyboard Touchpad is also the perfect device for TVs, particularly Smart TVs. Connect it up to your TV and you have the TV functions on the front. Need to search something on the YouTube or Netflix app? Flip the touchpad around and you have access to a bunch of keys that make typing a whole lot easier than with your standard remote. There’s even a touchpad mouse for moving your cursor around a whole lot easier — you can say goodbye to the slow function of the typical remote.

Backlit Android Mini Keyboard Touchpad

Next up, we have the Backlit Android Mini Keyboard Touchpad by Amgur. As implied in the name, it is a backlit keypad, so it works well at night — you actually have three color options that you get to choose from. This one is primarily designed to work with Android TV boxes and Smart TVs themselves, as it does come with a Bluetooth receiver that you’ll have to plug into the back of it. Still, this is a nice, compact keyboard with a touchpad that will make navigating any Smart TV system easy.

IKOS Numeric Bluetooth Android Keypad

Keypad remotes are really nice, as they make navigating TV software so much less cumbersome and more efficient. This is a compact-size 28-key keypad, allowing you to easily hook up to your Android phone or tablet and meet all your account needs. Similar to the one we mentioned earlier, it runs off of AAA batteries that aren’t included, but has an ergonomic angle to keep your hand from cramping during longer uses. The keypad will work with Android and iOS, but will work with any other platform, the calculator keys and function keys just won’t work, as those operate exclusively with Android and iOS in this sense.

U2C Wireless Mini Keypad

Last, but certainly not least, we have the U2C Wireless Mini Keypad. This one is ideal for Smart TVs and Android TV boxes, essentially giving you a full keyboard remote. Need to search something quickly? Having access to all the keys in your hand makes it a whole lot more efficient than navigating an on-screen keyboard with your standard remote. There’s even a touchpad for navigating software and apps a whole lot easier.


As you can see, Android keypads can help you in a lot of ways. Whether you’re doing financial accounting, bookkeeping, or trying to find an easier way to navigate Smart TV and Android TV boxes, an Android keypad will make your life a whole lot easier. Connect up by Bluetooth or through a USB receiver and you’re ready to roll!

Android Keypad